diffusion coefficient

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diffusion coefficient


diffusion constant

(General Physics) the rate at which a diffusing substance is transported between opposite faces of a unit cube of a system when there is unit concentration difference between them. Symbol: D Also called: diffusivity
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It is frequently reported in the literature that the water diffusion coefficient in different epoxy systems is around [10.
In the microgravity environment of space, the diffusion coefficients of the different oil components are constant and the Soret effect is the main factor affecting oil dispersion.
Diffusion coefficient obtained from the measured values of thickness IMF used to calculate the activation energy.
For the materials with similar partition coefficients, such as particle board and plywood, diffusion coefficient can influence SSD to some extent.
4 shows the role of effective diffusion coefficient in oxygen diffusion process.
However, the determinant diffusion coefficient can be established by solving the converse problem of the equation (38), which expresses the measurable process parameters relatively easily.
There has been no general framework available for the quantitative explanation of diffusion coefficient.
An expression for the error in the flow rate determined from Equation (3) is first derived assuming a constant diffusion coefficient in the tube.
Among a large number of transport properties, the diffusion coefficient and viscosity are of the greatest practical and scientific importance and are associated with the transport of mass and momentum, respectively.
Differentiation of noncancerous tissue and cancer lesions by apparent diffusion coefficient values in transition and peripheral zones of the prostate.

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