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Keywords Moisture/water transport, Accelerated weathering, Temperature cycling, Diffusion coefficient, Defect recovery, Degradation
3] component in solid phase D effective diffusion coefficient of [m.
The model also includes the dependence of granular moisture content and temperature on several parameters, including moisture diffusion coefficient, heat and mass transfer coefficients and water activity.
They suggest that this time dependence of the diffusion coefficient is a function of uncontrollable factors that allow the formation of a species index to account for boron diffusion differences among wood species.
where z is depth positive downward, D is the diffusion coefficient for oxygen in soil air, C is the concentration of oxygen in soil air, and q is the sink term.
Thus, the experimental measurement of solubility and diffusion coefficients is of profound importance.
Measurement of the diffusion coefficient of naphthalene into air, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 35, 4, (1992): 957-966
The diffusion coefficient of the paint layer was adjusted as a function of the water content remaining in the wet paint film.
Contributors from around the world look at new optical techniques for glucose diffusion coefficient measurements in human tissues, and describe glucose-induced optical clearing effects in tissue and blood.
The mass flow rate, N (mole/s) is proportional to a molecular diffusion coefficient, D ([cm.
DN] naturally appears as the product of the convergence factor with constant coefficients (the surface values) and a term coming from the spatial variability of the diffusion coefficient on [[OMEGA].

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