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tr.v. dig·i·tized, dig·i·tiz·ing, dig·i·tiz·es
To put (data, for example) into digital form.

dig′i·ti·za′tion (-tĭ-zā′shən) n.
dig′i·tiz′er n.


(ˈdɪdʒɪˌtaɪzd) or


(Computer Science) recorded or stored in digital form: export your digitized colour photos.
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Chief Executive Officer of Zain, Ahmad Hanandeh, said the Kingdom's infrastructure in the telecommunications and information technology's sector is ready and supports the shift towards a real digitized economy.
perform basic color correction and retouching to the digitized material
Due to the inability of the current digitization system in retrieving image through text-based search and in detecting updates whenever there are changes and additional digitized documents.
The archive of the Public Broadcasting Corporation OTRK including a unique valuable materials of Kyrgyz folklore have been digitized by 62%, said chairman of the company Ilimbek Karypbekov on October 14 at the session of the Committee for Education, Science, Culture and Sport.
Customers need to inform the company in writing via email of the legally authorized charitable organization they wish to receive donations from Digitized Logos before they make their purchase.
Once digitized, the data are displayed in the same ProfileViewer software used by the company's off-line Profilometer, which is currently said to be used by 10 of the top 12 tire makers, and is in use in over 100 tire plants worldwide.
In 2006, the National Digital Newspaper Program will make available the first batch of what will eventually include 30 million digitized pages from papers published from 1836 through 1922, according to USA Today.
Once a digitized system is in place, it gives you numbers that you can use for continual process improvement.
The digitized content will be made freely available on the Web via PubMed Central (http://www.
The technology is only good for duplicating certain shots - most computerized facial expressions still look digitized, he said.
In theory it is now possible for libraries to provide digitized access to unique materials for all, via the Internet.
Earlier that year, as part of a library sciences effort called "Variations," Indiana technologists had digitized thousands of Carmichael recordings from the 1920s and '30s and archived them online.