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 (dī-lāt′nt, dĭ-)
1. Tending to dilate; dilating.
2. Exhibiting dilatancy.
A dilator.


(daɪˈleɪtənt; dɪ-)
1. tending to dilate; dilating
2. (General Physics) physics of, concerned with, or exhibiting dilatancy
(Medicine) something, such as a catheter, that causes dilation


(dɪˈleɪt nt, daɪ-)

1. dilating; expanding.
2. exhibiting an increase in volume when changed in shape because of wider spacing between particles.
3. (of rock) exhibiting an increase in volume because of recrystallization.
[1835–45; < Latin]
di•lat′an•cy, n.
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There are majorly four kinds of rheology profiles; newtonian, dilatant, pseudoplastic, and thixotropic.
The rheological behavior is dilatant (shear thickening) at small shear rates and almost Newtonian at shear rates bigger than 10-15 [s.
5wt% of sodium silicate solution (NaSS) (Composition V) is declined away from the shear stress axis, compared with the flow curve of cement paste without NSS common to dilatant mixtures.
An aeromagnetic/radiometric survey will be planned/ budgeted/ undertaken in 2013 for the ELs to locate porphyry copper target signatures and to allow the definition of dilatant structural zones.
By contrast, sand samples having an initial state below or to the left of the CSL will have a dilatant behaviour according to critical soil mechanics, and will not develop large positive excess pore pressure which would make them less susceptible to cyclic liquefaction.
There are several extensive regional structures (faults and shear zones) including large scale dilatant structures which formed the pathways for mineralising fluids.
Kulicke, W-M, Arendt, O, Berger, M, "Rheological Characterization of the Dilatant Flow Behavior of Highly Substituted Hydroxypropylmethyl-Cellulose Solutions in the Presence of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.
n is the power-law index, if n < 1 the fluid is said to be pseudo-plastic (shear thinning) fluids, if n > 1 it is called dilatant (thickening) fluids and when n = 1, it is the Newtonian fluid.