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 (dī-lāt′nt, dĭ-)
1. Tending to dilate; dilating.
2. Exhibiting dilatancy.
A dilator.


(daɪˈleɪtənt; dɪ-)
1. tending to dilate; dilating
2. (General Physics) physics of, concerned with, or exhibiting dilatancy
(Medicine) something, such as a catheter, that causes dilation


(dɪˈleɪt nt, daɪ-)

1. dilating; expanding.
2. exhibiting an increase in volume when changed in shape because of wider spacing between particles.
3. (of rock) exhibiting an increase in volume because of recrystallization.
[1835–45; < Latin]
di•lat′an•cy, n.
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Among his topics are preparing suspensions using the top-down process, the electrostatic stabilization of suspensions, sedimentation of suspensions and preventing the formation of dilatant sediments, non-aqueous suspension concentrates, and applications of suspensions in paints and coatings.
The value of the power-law index n = 1 corresponds to a Newtonian fluid, while n > 1 describes a dilatant or shear-thickening fluid and 0 < n < 1 describes a pseudo-plastic or shear-thinning fluid.
Media with p > 2 are called dilatant fluids and those with p < 2 are called pseudoplastics.
5wt% of sodium silicate solution (NaSS) (Composition V) is declined away from the shear stress axis, compared with the flow curve of cement paste without NSS common to dilatant mixtures.
An aeromagnetic/radiometric survey will be planned/ budgeted/ undertaken in 2013 for the ELs to locate porphyry copper target signatures and to allow the definition of dilatant structural zones.
Mermier, qui adopte une position critique, note que les travaux sur << l'espace public panarabe >> (15), le lien entre << public >>, << opinion publique >> et << espace public >> est souvent implicite, << se dilatant au gre des capacites du media mais aussi du rayonnement qu'on lui prete >> (Mermier 2009: 76).
There are several extensive regional structures (faults and shear zones) including large scale dilatant structures which formed the pathways for mineralising fluids.
Kulicke, W-M, Arendt, O, Berger, M, "Rheological Characterization of the Dilatant Flow Behavior of Highly Substituted Hydroxypropylmethyl-Cellulose Solutions in the Presence of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.