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 (dĭl′ə-tā′tər, dī′lə-)
A dilator.
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Introducer with dilatator and reinforced vascular shirt which is
A valvotomy was made by the scalpel just next to the annulus but suitable size Hegar dilatator could not pass through the infundibular area, so the incision over the pulmonary artery was then extended towards the infundibular area of the right ventricular outflow tract (RVOT) until an adequate enlargement was obtained.
The significance of histamine release in humans and its importance in a number of clinical conditions (47) stems from its action in increasing cardiac output as a result of increased heart rate and force of myocardial contraction, and its dilatator effect on small blood vessels which leads to flushing, decreased vascular resistance and hypotension (48).
Teknik olarak ust punktum dilatator ile genisletildikten sonra hastanin yasina gore 0 (0,94 mm capli) ya da 00 (1,10 mm capli) numarali Bowman sondasi ile punktumdan ampullaya kadar dikey girildi, buradan sonra 90 derece nazal yatay plana donuldu, kanalikulde katlanti olusmamasi amaciyla ust kapak yana dogru cekildi.