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 (dī-lā′tər, dī′lā′-, dĭ-lā′-)
1. A muscle that dilates a body part, such as a blood vessel or the pupil of the eye.
2. An instrument that dilates a body part, such as a cavity, canal, or orifice.


(daɪˈleɪtə; dɪ-) or




(ˌdaɪləˈteɪtə; ˌdɪ-)
1. (Surgery) something that dilates an object, esp a surgical instrument for dilating a bodily cavity
2. (Physiology) a muscle that expands an orifice or dilates an organ


or di•lat•er

(daɪˈleɪ tər, dɪ-, ˈdaɪ leɪ-)

1. any muscle that dilates a part of the body.
2. a surgical instrument for performing a dilatation.
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Noun1.dilator - a muscle or nerve that dilates or widens a body part
body part - any part of an organism such as an organ or extremity
2.dilator - a drug that causes dilation
drug - a substance that is used as a medicine or narcotic
vasodilative, vasodilator - a drug that causes dilation of blood vessels
3.dilator - a surgical instrument that is used to dilate or distend an opening or an organ
surgical instrument - a medical instrument used in surgery


n. dilatador.
1. músculo que dilata un órgano al contraerse;
2. instrumento quirúrgico para expandir o dilatar un orificio o paredes;
Hegar's ______ de Hegar, instrumento usado para dilatar el canal uterino.


n dilatador m
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The cervical canal was then dilated serially with Hegar dilators up to number 8 to prevent future restenosis.
Objective: To compare the efficiency and security of the balloon dilators versus fascial dilators in percutaneous nephrolithotripsy (PCNL), We compared the difference of intraoperative and postoperative parameters of patients using these two different methods of expansion and having no significant statistic differences in peroperative parameters.
Three types of dilators are available: Amplatz fascial dilator, telescopic metal dilator, and balloon dilator.
For improving the access, either by Amplatz sequential fascial dilators or metal telescopic dilators and to further trying to decrease the time for radiation exposure and also to decrease complication various novel approaches have been proposed.
LAS VEGAS--Physicians looking for more options for alleviating dyspareunia in postmenopausal women should consider vaginal dilators, specialized vibrators, and pelvic floor physical therapy, according to Susan Kellogg Spadt, Ph.
Vaginal dilators are used to restore vaginal capacity, to expand the vagina in width and depth, to provide elasticity to the tissues, and to allow for comfortable sexual activity.
There are several dilatation methods available, including Amplatz polyurethane serial dilators (ASDs), metallic telescopic dilators as described by Alken, and balloon dilators.
The other gold medal was for his invention of dilators used in dental implants, he added.
In the in vivo method the patient learns self-hypnosis and then inserts in the vagina first a finger, and then Hegar dilators of gradually increasing sizes.
The 100 million snorers in the United States are the market for Silent Snooz Nasal Dilators from Incredible Scents Inc.
The next step was to insert progressively larger dilators to be slid along the guide wire.