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dil·i·gence 1

1. Earnest and persistent application to an undertaking; steady effort; assiduity.
2. Attentive care; heedfulness.

dil·i·gence 2

 (dĭl′ə-jəns, dē′lē-zhäNs′)
A large stagecoach.

[French, from (carrosse de) diligence, speed (coach), from Old French, diligence, dispatch, from Latin dīligentia, from dīligēns, dīligent-, diligent; see diligent.]


1. steady and careful application
2. proper attention or care
3. (Law) law the degree of care required in a given situation
[C14: from Latin dīligentia care, attentiveness]


(ˈdɪlɪdʒəns; French diliʒɑ̃s)
(Historical Terms) history a stagecoach
[C18: from French, shortened from carosse de diligence, literally: coach of speed]


(ˈdɪl ɪ dʒəns)

1. constant and earnest effort to accomplish what is undertaken.
2. the degree of care and caution expected of a person.
[1300–50; Middle English deligence (< Anglo-French) < Latin]


(ˈdɪl ɪ dʒəns; Fr. di liˈʒɑ̃s)

n. (-dʒən sɪz; Fr. -ˈʒɑ̃s)
a stagecoach.
[1735–45; short for French carosse de diligence speed coach]


 of messengers: messengers collectivelyBk. of St. Albans, 1486.
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Noun1.diligence - conscientiousness in paying proper attention to a task; giving the degree of care required in a given situation
painstakingness, conscientiousness - the trait of being painstaking and careful
2.diligence - persevering determination to perform a task; "his diligence won him quick promotions"; "frugality and industry are still regarded as virtues"
determination, purpose - the quality of being determined to do or achieve something; firmness of purpose; "his determination showed in his every movement"; "he is a man of purpose"
assiduity, assiduousness, concentration - great and constant diligence and attention
sedulity, sedulousness - the quality of being constantly diligent and attentive
studiousness - diligent study
3.diligence - a diligent effortdiligence - a diligent effort; "it is a job requiring serious application"
elbow grease, exertion, effort, travail, sweat - use of physical or mental energy; hard work; "he got an A for effort"; "they managed only with great exertion"



Steady attention and effort, as to one's occupation:
iîni, ástundun


[ˈdɪlɪdʒəns] Ndiligencia f


[ˈdɪlɪdʒəns] nassiduité f, application f
with diligence → avec assiduité


n (in work etc) → Fleiß m; (= keenness)Eifer m


[ˈdɪlɪdʒns] ndiligenza


(ˈdilidʒənt) adjective
conscientious; hardworking. a diligent student.
ˈdiligently adverb
ˈdiligence noun
References in classic literature ?
When the triumphant shout of Uncas was borne to his ears, the gratified father raised his voice in a single responsive cry, after which his busy piece alone proved that he still guarded his pass with unwearied diligence.
They were generally poverty-stricken; always plebeian and obscure; working with unsuccessful diligence at handicrafts; laboring on the wharves, or following the sea, as sailors before the mast; living here and there about the town, in hired tenements, and coming finally to the almshouse as the natural home of their old age.
Even Scoresby, the justly renowned Right whaleman, after giving us a stiff full length of the Greenland whale, and three or four delicate miniatures of narwhales and porpoises, treats us to a series of classical engravings of boat hooks, chopping knives, and grapnels; and with the microscopic diligence of a Leuwenhoeck submits to the inspection of a shivering world ninety-six fac-similes of magnified Arctic snow crystals.
At all events, Miss Ophelia knew of nothing else to do; and, therefore, applied her mind to her heathen with the best diligence she could command.
Has inherited great wealth of manure, and by diligence has added to it.
Diligence and attention soon gave him the knack of it, and he strode down the street with his mouth full of harmony and his soul full of gratitude.
Whatever money he might come into when his father died, whatever his share of the family property, it is, I dare say, all afloat, all employed in his stock, and so forth; and though, with diligence and good luck, he may be rich in time, it is next to impossible that he should have realised any thing yet.
I never saw a busier person than she seemed to be; yet it was difficult to say what she did: or rather, to discover any result of her diligence.
The fancied object was not fixed, either: his eyes pursued it with unwearied diligence, and, even in speaking to me, were never weaned away.
If he possessed fair abilities and showed common diligence in exercising them, his fortune was made; and the sooner he was sent to London to begin the better for his own interests it would be.
By the by'; he laid down his knife and fork, which he had been using with great diligence, and began feeling in his pockets; 'I have a letter for you.
Here, to their surprise, was Smilash, on electro-plated acme skates, practicing complicated figures with intense diligence.