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Marked by persevering, painstaking effort.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin dīligēns, dīligent-, present participle of dīligere, to esteem, love : dī-, dis-, apart; see dis- + legere, to choose; see leg- in Indo-European roots.]

dil′i·gent·ly adv.
Synonyms: diligent, industrious, conscientious, assiduous, sedulous
These adjectives suggest steady attention and effort that is undertaken to accomplish something. Diligent connotes steady, meticulous attention to an ongoing job or task: "[They] have won international renown for their diligent efforts to track down software bugs" (Hiawatha Bray).
Industrious implies energetic and productive application, often to a large or important endeavor: "Madison's and Jefferson's vision of an agrarian republic made up largely of industrious farmers who marketed their burgeoning surpluses abroad" (Drew R. McCoy).
Conscientious carries with it the implication of energetic attentiveness springing from dutifulness or a sense of responsibility: "a studious, conscientious public servant authentically dedicated to improving the welfare of his fellow human beings" (Randall Bennett Woods).
Assiduous and the less common sedulous emphasize untiring exertion and an earnestness of purpose: "How do Olympians acquire [talent]? Were they born with it, or did they develop it through assiduous practice?" (Steve Olson)."the sedulous pursuit of legal and moral principles" (Ernest van den Haag).
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Adv.1.diligently - with diligence; in a diligent manner; "we may diligently observe the Lord's supper on the first day of the week, diligently preach the gospel, or minister to the saint"


[ˈdɪlɪdʒəntlɪ] ADVdiligentemente


advfleißig; (= keenly)eifrig; (= carefully)sorgfältig


[ˈdɪlɪdʒntlɪ] advdiligentemente


(ˈdilidʒənt) adjective
conscientious; hardworking. a diligent student.
ˈdiligently adverb
ˈdiligence noun
References in classic literature ?
Here the listeners stole sly looks at one another, and began to sew diligently.
The stories of Brouwer, of Bones, and a whole budget of others were called to mind; and when they had diligently considered them all, and compared them with the symptoms of the present case, they shook their heads, and came to the conclusion chat Ichabod had been carried off by the Galloping Hessian.
At one end a ruminating tar was still further adorning it with his jack-knife, stooping over and diligently working away at the space between his legs.
A short-handled sharp spade being sent up to him, he diligently searches for the proper place to begin breaking into the Tun.
They had been taught to read and write, diligently instructed in the truths of religion, and their lot had been as happy an one as in their condition it was possible to be.
Wherefore I diligently pretended, unto this and that and the other one, that your power against the sun could not reach its full until the morrow; and so if any would save the sun and the world, you must be slain to-day, while your enchantments are but in the weaving and lack potency.
As I write, now, many months later, I perceive that each of us, by observing and noting and inquiring, diligently and day by day, had managed to lay in a most varied and opulent stock of misinformation.
And then he kept diligently saying to himself all the time: "It's for only a year.
Mary gave him a tin basin of water and a piece of soap, and he went outside the door and set the basin on a little bench there; then he dipped the soap in the water and laid it down; turned up his sleeves; poured out the water on the ground, gently, and then entered the kitchen and began to wipe his face diligently on the towel behind the door.
The competitors for this office sought as diligently to please their overseers, as the office-seekers in the political parties seek to please and deceive the people.
This, at the time I write, has been proved, I believe, to be the case; but, as it would have been flat blasphemy against the system to have hinted such a doubt then, I looked out for the penitence as diligently as I could.
Indeed, some part of each day we had spent diligently learning each other, as travellers to distant lands across the Channel work hard at phrase-book and Baedeker the week before their departure.