dime novel

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dime novel

A melodramatic novel of romance or adventure, usually in paperback.

[After the Dime Book Series, , published by Erastus Flavel Beadle (1821-1894).]

dime novelist n.

dime novel

(Journalism & Publishing) US (formerly) a cheap melodramatic novel, usually in paperback. Also called (esp Brit): penny-dreadful

dime′ nov′el

a cheap melodramatic or sensational novel, usu. in paperback, esp. of the period c1850 to c1920.
[1860–65, Amer.]
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Noun1.dime novel - a melodramatic paperback novel
novel - an extended fictional work in prose; usually in the form of a story
References in classic literature ?
I seem to have walked right into the thick of a dime novel," said our visitor.
When I reached this place I learned that I was wrong and that it wasn't a dime novel after all.
No, F-l-x, we would not call Treasure Island or the Pilgrim's Progress dime novels.
Despite its great commercial success, the credit for the introduction of a formula dime-novel Western does not go to Malaeska but to another dime novel published later in the same year: Edward S.
Like the Kid, Hansen revels in the lingo of tabloid and tale, of dime novel and detective story.
The Bulletin will later write of his appearance: "The play was of the dime novel order, with the usual amount of blood shed, hair breadth escapes, and harrowing situations.
Station at Diablo is a novice's attempt to blend the highly accurate Western storytelling of Louis L'Amour with the more fanciful tall tale styles from the dime novel era.
The linguistic adoption of dialogue and characters; the contextualization of Hard Times alongside labor fiction such as Frederic Whittaker's Larry Locke, Man of Iron, or, A Fight for Fortune: A Story of Labor and Capital, Rebecca Harding Davis's "Life in the Iron Mills" and Edward Bellamy's Looking Backward 2000-1887; and the deletion of key passages on unionization from a dime novel reprint all demonstrate how nineteenth-century American audiences retooled a popular English novel for their own radical purposes.
As intimated by the show's title, with its deliberate overtones of television crime thriller or dime novel, buried strata are festering and inexorably pushing toward the surface.
Imms, who learned English from a dime novel set in the Old West, leaving him prone to expressions like, "Hold it right there, pardner," is especially appealing, one whose innocence brings out the otherwise-cynical B.
In Karen Memory, she shows off her steampunk chops while channeling Huckleberry Finn with Karen Memery's coarse, uneducated voice, playing on the frontier ethos of cinematic Westerns, and subverting the dime novel tradition.
Hired by the Kansas Pacific Railroad to kill not less than 12 buffalo a day, Cody became a dime novel hero, and for a time was the most famous celebrity in the world, touring the world with his Wild West show.