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a. Verse written in lines of two metrical feet.
b. A single line of such verse.
a. Classical quantitative verse consisting of two measures of two feet each, especially in iambic, trochaic, or anapestic meter.
b. A single line of such verse.

[Late Latin dimeter, dimetrus, having two verses, from Greek dimetros : di-, two; see di-1 + metron, meter; see meter1.]


(Poetry) prosody a line of verse consisting of two metrical feet or a verse written in this metre


(ˈdɪm ɪ tər)

a verse or line of two measures or feet.
[1580–90; < Late Latin < Greek dímetros of two measures, a dimeter =di- di-1 + -metros, adj. derivative of métron meter1]
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Smaller Dimeter Pipeline And Commissioning Works) From Ories Agi In Co.
This hymn is written in what is called "iambic dimeter acatalectic," the Ambrosian measure widely used in hymns of the Church at that time.
These form taper models can be integrated directly to calculate volume and can be rearrangement algebraically to directly estimate merchantable height for a given top dimeter (Fang et al.
MA-nna-HA-tta as trochaic dimeter leans forward like wind-blown grass,
Monotherapy with benzimidazole derivatives is recommended in patients with inoperable hepatic and pulmonary CE, cysts in multiple organs, or cysts smaller than 5 cm in dimeter.
10, the indicated specific PN for all particles with a dimeter above 23 can be seen.
With the largest dimeter turned, I focus my attention to turning the remaining diameters to the lengths required.
This involves the use of a large number of em dash signs (--): for example, (8-syllable dimeter verse) IX.
Using a larger dimeter spinal needle leads to a larger defect in the dura and consequently to more CSF leakage and more chances of PDPH.
The speaker then summarizes the preceding events in the playful shorthand of dimeter lines ("Oh breast, oh Best / That I held fast .
As a word of alliterative Is in trochaic dimeter, melancholy seems genetically destined for double duty: melano (black); and (though not philologically accurate) mel (sweet), in alliance with melody.
Depending on which of the five published versions one considers, the poem contains three or four stanzas, each of different lengths, with the dimeter of the opening stanzas yielding to the monometer of the final stanza.