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a. Verse written in lines of two metrical feet.
b. A single line of such verse.
a. Classical quantitative verse consisting of two measures of two feet each, especially in iambic, trochaic, or anapestic meter.
b. A single line of such verse.

[Late Latin dimeter, dimetrus, having two verses, from Greek dimetros : di-, two; see di-1 + metron, meter; see meter1.]


(Poetry) prosody a line of verse consisting of two metrical feet or a verse written in this metre


(ˈdɪm ɪ tər)

a verse or line of two measures or feet.
[1580–90; < Late Latin < Greek dímetros of two measures, a dimeter =di- di-1 + -metros, adj. derivative of métron meter1]
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The 259 lines of the fourth of the "fowre thinges," the verses for the Book of Fortune, (6) are considerably less than the 432 of "A Merry Gest," but in fact the pentameters of the 37 rhyme royal stanzas, compared to the dimeters and trimeters in which the sergeant turned friar gets his comeuppance, makes this More's lengthiest poem in terms of word count by a considerable margin.
Their six-syllable lengths would normally encourage reading them as trimeters or even dimeters.
Other than the nine lines, however, it is clear that this stanza has little in common with the stanza of The Faerie Queene: the seventh and ninth lines are composed of a rhyming refrain in dimeters, "O heavie herse," "O carefull verse," which changes at the poem's climax to "O happy herse," "O joyfull verse.
com special designed to customer applications; High-speed rotary files and carbide burs have ground flutes in a full range of head shapes and dimeters J & M DIAMOND TOOL, INC.
The final three quatrains, tetrameter lines rhyming AABB, depart from the previous five quatrains in dimeters and tetrameters.