1. diminish.
2. diminuendo.
3. diminutive.
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Sean Dimin, owner of Sea to Table, says, "Plated has shown a true commitment to working with us, knowing that the purchasing choices they're making directly affects fishermen, fishing families, and traditional fishing communities across the country.
Wright pleaded guil to manslaughter on the grounds of dimin ished responsibility He was released on li cence in Septembe after serving less th four years.
Policies are often almost individually crafted to meet the needs of each film's specific risks, said Denise Dimin, claims manager for the unit.
CONTACT: Michael Brent, President & CEO; Allyson Dimin, E-Commerce Director
But then the dimin utive Irish sing er was wearing his Parka anorak with the hood up.
Greenpeace believes that the ban has succeeded in preventing a global environmental disaster and claims that hazardous waste exports to developing countries have dimin ished dramatically since the ban was adopted, notwithstanding the fact that it has not yet entered into force.
The class will be followed by a 10 minute meditation led by lululemon athletica Maui Showroom Manager, Chelsea Dimin.
The meditation that leads attendees through a ten year future vision of their ideal life will be led by lululemon manager, Chelsea Dimin.