1. diminish.
2. diminuendo.
3. diminutive.
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I haven't slept Last month, an appeal court cut his murder conviction to man- slaughter due to dimin ished responsibility caused by combat stress.
For the attention of: Rinalds Dimin, Ludmila Bondarenko
The Royaumont manuscript instructs poco a poco dimin.
91) El capitulo 65 de la Cronica slavorum lleva el titulo De obsidione Dimin.
Wright pleaded guil to manslaughter on the grounds of dimin ished responsibility He was released on li cence in Septembe after serving less th four years.
Worcester's informants included a Cornishman who told him about the castles of the county, while a Shropshire knight described the rivers of the west Midlands and the cave at Dimin Dale.
Policies are often almost individually crafted to meet the needs of each film's specific risks, said Denise Dimin, claims manager for the unit.
CONTACT: Michael Brent, President & CEO; Allyson Dimin, E-Commerce Director
But then the dimin utive Irish sing er was wearing his Parka anorak with the hood up.
Both social constructs are dimin ished when the manager has less information to monitor slack and both provide a noneconomic explanation for potential information asymmetry effects on budgetary slack.
The majority of the vocal line is based on an octatonic arpeggio, and seems to possess a tonal center that fluctuates around the dimin ished chord of B-D-F.