diminished capacity

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di·min·ished capacity

A reduced capacity, caused by mental illness, intoxication, or some other cause, that prevented a person accused of an illegal act from formulating the full intent necessary for the most serious offense with which he or she is charged. Also called diminished responsibility.
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Almost all (94%) of the BDs had a formal process to internally report concerns regarding diminished capacity and/or elder financial abuse.
424, aims to safeguard senior adults (age 65 or older), and others at increased risk of diminished capacity or other cognitive impairment, by providing the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurances (TDCI) Securities Division and the securities industry with greater tools to help detect and prevent financial exploitation.
Technology is moving so quickly and it may be more difficult for seniors to absorb these advances, including the associated risks, and unfortunately, some seniors will experience some diminished capacity at some point in their life.
Diminished capacity is more prevalent in elderly populations but is not exclusive to them.
The panelists will also provide insight and best practice tips to assist lawyers in recognizing the signs of diminished capacity and engage in an in-depth analysis of strategies aimed towards protecting the client while maintaining the attorney-client relationship under the Rules of Professional Conduct.
But further efforts may be required if the person supplies inaccurate answers or shows diminished capacity.
If you don't allow diminished capacity, but you do allow someone to show that they didn't have the ability to form the criminal intent, aren't you inherently saying that they have diminished capacity?
The researchers in fact found an epigenetic biomarker that can help distinguish iPSCs that have a diminished capacity for differentiation.
Sage, a support group for older people, said the act "will have particular relevance ance for people with intellectual disabilities, older people with diminished capacity or dementia and people whose capacity has been affected by traumatic injury".
Longevity, Social Security decisions, and issues around diminished capacity and dementia rounded out the top six client concerns.
Importantly, immune memory remained intact for most subjects, despite evidence elsewhere that the infant immune system has a diminished capacity to mount a robust response to the primary vaccination series," the authors reported.
If he is found to have diminished capacity it could have a large impact on any possible sentencing.