diminished capacity

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di·min·ished capacity

A reduced capacity, caused by mental illness, intoxication, or some other cause, that prevented a person accused of an illegal act from formulating the full intent necessary for the most serious offense with which he or she is charged. Also called diminished responsibility.
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or NHK, who was indicted for alleged arson and attempted arson, was diagnosed as having diminished capacity in a mental examination, prosecutors said Tuesday during his trial.
This diminished capacity could help explain why elderly patients don't develop opioid tolerance as quickly as the young, said Dr.
Defense attorney Cynthia Giacchetti argued a heart condition Mallon suffered had reduced the flow of blood to his brain and caused him to have diminished capacity to control his urges.
The ever increasing cost for property/casualty insurance and the diminished capacity in many lines has lit the fire under many programs to create new captive programs and increase the usage of existing captives.
The Court of Appeals held that the use of "hog-tie" restraint on an arrestee whose diminished capacity is apparent constitutes excessive force in violation of the Fourth Amendment, but because the right was not clearly established in June 1996, when such a restraint was used on arrestee while be appeared to be on drugs, the officers were protected by qualified immunity with respect to federal civil rights claims.
We at Church House see the loss of the work through the lenses that are the people and so we grieve twice, once for the diminished capacity to carry on our ministry and again for the loss of colleagues and friends.
As Soares Prabhu points out, the term poor in the New Testament was even more comprehensive and includes the destitute, the illiterate, the social outcast, the physically handicapped and mentally ill -- all of whom are victims and are reduced to a condition of diminished capacity and worth.
Editorial covers such topics as evidence, drugs and alcohol, diminished capacity, expert witnesses, criminal profiling, ethics of testimony, brain injury, competency, medication defenses and jury impact.
Karp suggests that part of the immunosuppression seen in AIDS patients, including the diminished capacity of immune cells to make IL-12, may result from the tweaking of CD46 by complement proteins bound to the AIDS virus.
Environmental changes, whether a result of human or natural causes, lead to a loss of corals, a diminished capacity for reef-building, and the degradation of habitat complexity--the critical factors for sustaining high coral reef biodiversity.
The English derivational thinking structure leaves all of us with a diminished capacity for autonomy, at best with a precarious sense of autonomy, with serious identity problems, and with rudimentary community-building ability.
Other risks that have been linked to the defective transvaginal devices include, but are certainly not limited to the following: pelvic pain, infection, bleeding, urinary leakage, pain during sexual intercourse, recurrence of prolapse, organ perforation, poisoning, diminished capacity for activities of daily life.