diminishing returns

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di·min·ish·ing returns

A yield rate that after a certain point fails to increase proportionately to additional outlays of capital or investments of time and labor.

diminishing returns

pl n
1. (Economics) progressively smaller rises in output resulting from the increased application of a variable input, such as labour, to a fixed quantity, as of capital or land
2. (Economics) the increase in the average cost of production that may arise beyond a certain point as a result of increasing the overall scale of production

dimin′ishing returns′

any rate of profit, production, benefits, etc., that beyond a certain point fails to increase proportionately with added investment, effort, or skill.
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There is a point beyond which diminishing returns set in.
Japanese banks have been hit by diminishing returns on loans with the Bank of Japan aggressively driving down interest rates to combat deflationary pressures.
The limiting factor identified in these works is diminishing returns.
WHEN it comes to the law of diminishing returns, the Purge series is now plunging into the same territory as any sequel with the words Paranormal or Amityville in its title.
He said, 'Surely diminishing returns are setting in.
Classical economists developed the notion of an "iron law of wages," that wages paid to labor would trend toward a level of bare subsistence as capitalists endeavored to increase their profits in the face of diminishing returns to production.
The team was founded in 1992 by the late professor David Merrifield, who recruited a bunch of aging professors and then chose the name on the argument that each year would see them getting slower and producing diminishing returns in the race.
Despite the risk of falling foul of the law of diminishing returns, some of the gags even get repeated.
Diminishing returns from small holdings, the young and educated farmers in Punjab with an entrepreneurial streak are venturing into commercial dairy farming.
Serious studies of marginal factors such as diminishing returns as funding increases are sorely lacking.
Conventional wisdom these days promotes the idea that revision is fundamental to good writing, that writers revise constantly, that there is no such thing as diminishing returns when referring to revision.
Consistent with the director's earlier films in its political dimensions and fascination with nature as both backdrop and subject, this tale of three environmental activists planning a dangerous act of eco-terrorism features a quietly gripping first hour that builds to a suspenseful peak, then yields faintly diminishing returns thereafter as doubts and implications set in.