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 (dī-môr′fĭk) also di·mor·phous (-fəs)
Existing or occurring in two distinct forms; exhibiting dimorphism: a dimorphic crystal; dimorphic organisms.


(daɪˈmɔr fəs)

also di•mor′phic,

exhibiting dimorphism.
[1825–35; < Greek dímorphos. See dimorph, -ous]
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Adj.1.dimorphous - occurring or existing in two different forms; "dimorphic crystals"; "dimorphous organisms"
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Remarks on the morphology and anatomy of the dimorphous leaves of Marcgravia umbellata Jacq.
The Dimorphous World of Giose Rimanelli in Familia.
Blastomyces dermatitidis is a dimorphous soil-dwelling fungus that is found in the southeastern and central regions of the United States.