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1. A small natural indentation in the flesh on a part of the human body, especially in the cheek or on the chin.
2. A slight depression or indentation in a surface.
v. dim·pled, dim·pling, dim·ples
To form dimples by smiling.
To produce dimples in.

[Middle English dimpel.]

dim′ply adj.


adj facevoll(er) Grübchen
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Aladdin, I can't bear it;--it's--it's not one of my dimply days
Those are the dimply bits that go on the side and come in four contrasting colours - black, grey, dune and chocolate.
But pay a little dedicated attention to your dimply bits and you can improve the appearance of cellulite before you reunite with your bikini.
It's as low-tech as it looks: simply pinch the cup, plonk it on a well-oiled butt cheek and squeak in shock as your dimply bits get sucked up into the plastic dome.
J's website displays women who feel great after years of suffering from thighs that rubbed together and the hard to target outer thigh area that made many women feel uncomfortable and unattractive, especially the dimply look that may make women less confident to take a trip to the beach.
SAGGY boobs, dimply thighs, pot bellies, knobbly knees, love handles, double chins, back fat, bingo wings.
Most mainstream publications have a go at celebs either overtly or covertly, whether it's a centre spread of stretch marks and dimply legs or the more subtle approach of damning with faint praise.
When we first meet them, Paige and Leo -- the dimply and adorable Rachel McAdams and the decisively chiseled Channing Tatum -- are an artsy young married couple enjoying a snowy evening in Chicago.
The dimply smiles of the originals have become smirks, and their crazy-wide-open eyes (a lot like DOB or manga eyes, come to think of it) have been narrowed--or, you could say, Nara-ed.
Many of us will bare dimply, corned-beef thighs before revealing the belly-button area.