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1. A nook or alcove located in or near a kitchen and used for informal meals.
2. The table and chairs used to furnish such an area.

[dine + -ette.]


an alcove or small area for use as a dining room



1. a small space or alcove, often in or near the kitchen, serving as an informal dining area.
2. Also called dinette′ set`. a table and set of chairs for such a space.
[1925–30; Amer.]
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Noun1.dinette - a small area off of a kitchen that is used for dining
dwelling, dwelling house, habitation, home, abode, domicile - housing that someone is living in; "he built a modest dwelling near the pond"; "they raise money to provide homes for the homeless"
room - an area within a building enclosed by walls and floor and ceiling; "the rooms were very small but they had a nice view"


A. Npequeño comedorcito m
kitchen-dinettecocina-comedor f
B. CPD dinette set N (US) → vajilla f de diario


nEssecke f
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Instead, one Dinette had peppered rump steak, "perfectly cooked, very smooth sauce" with roasted tomatoes, watercress and "delicious" chips, while the others ate lighter.
Otto van den Muijzenberg en Dinette Wijnen, De Mahnes: Familie in beweging 1750-1950.
In Mill Creek's Oakmont neighborhood, the new design catching the eyes of customers is The Hudson: providing three bedrooms-including a first-floor master bedroom-two-and-a-half baths, den (which can be converted into a fourth bedroom), family room with a fireplace, dinette off the kitchen, formal dining room, full basement, front porch, two-car garage and 2,380 square feet, base priced from $375,950 (all prices subject to change without notice).
The cabin offers a galley, dinette and air-conditioned berths that sleep up to six people.
A real-life Cincinnati coffee shop appeared again in "The Dinette Set" comic by Julie Larson of Creators Syndicate.
Called the Dinette this unique CD/Radio/Alarm really does sound as good as it looks.
We still plan to hold meetings at our chrome and formica '50's dinette table," says Carol Siegel, co-owner.
Male reality and group interaction were palpable in the poker game, which was vigorously danced, with inventive use of the dinette set and power-packed solos of male bonding and competition.
Jukeboxes (pictured) fetch serious money, as do kitchen dinette sets.
Wu said that retailers have shown "terrific amount of interest" in the company's metal dinette sets that are now being made in the company's Los Angeles warehouse and distribution center.
The European-inspired interior features well-appointed, curved cabinetry that's not only beautiful but provides plenty of storage, while the rear dinette easily converts into a comfortable 50-inch by 82-inch sleeping space at night.
The Journal homemaker: Three-bedroom link villa in Brunswick Green, Wideopen, with hall, fitted wardrobes, kitchen/ dinette with breakfast bar and teak-finish units, plumbed for automatic washer, fully-tiled bathroom, airing cupboard with immersion heater, gardens and detached garage, invites offers of around pounds 16,950.