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din·gy 1

adj. din·gi·er, din·gi·est
1. Darkened with smoke or grime.
2. Shabby, drab, or squalid.

[Possibly from Middle English dinge, dung, variant of dung; see dung.]

din′gi·ly adv.
din′gi·ness n.

ding·y 2

adj. Slang
Mentally deranged; crazy.

[ding + -y.]
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Noun1.dinginess - discoloration due to dirtiness
dirtiness, uncleanness - the state of being unsanitary
ponurá náladazašlost


[ˈdɪndʒɪnɪs] N (= shabbiness) [of furniture, decor] → lo deslucido, falta f de lustre; (= gloominess) [of town, house, room] → lo sombrío, lobreguez f; (= dirtiness) → suciedad f



[ˈdɪndʒɪnɪs] nsquallore m


(ˈdindʒi) adjective
dull; faded and dirty-looking. This room is so dingy.
ˈdinginess noun
References in classic literature ?
There is something cheery in its very dinginess, and something free and elfin in its very insignificance.
Every where was dirt, and dust, and dinginess, and gloom; every where were signs of a hoary antiquity, but with nothing touching or beautiful about it; every where were those groups of fantastic pagans; overhead the gaudy mosaics and the web of lamp-ropes--nowhere was there any thing to win one's love or challenge his admiration.
He hunted about the streets that led out of the Westminster Bridge Road, but their dinginess was distasteful to him; and at last he found one in Kennington which had a quiet and old-world air.
But there was a branch house at the west end, and no pettiness or dinginess to give suggestions of shame.
His work was hung up in any out-of-the-way corner of the gallery that could be found; it had been bought under protest; it was admitted by sufferance; its freshness and brightness damaged it terribly by contrast with the dirtiness and the dinginess of its elderly predecessors; and its only points selected for praise were those in which it most nearly resembled the peculiar mannerism of some Old Master, not those in which it resembled the characteristics of the old mistress--Nature.
The red tint of his clear-cut face with trim short black whiskers under a cap of curly iron-grey hair was the only warm spot in the dinginess of that room cooled by the cheerless tablecloth.
But his choice was to sit in rags and dinginess on a bench in a park.
That is a great clue, considering there are about a score covers here of rival dinginess," said Stephen, drawing out the canterbury.
The two chapters of The Innocents Abroad (1869) that discuss Constantinople focus on beggars and stray dogs, while the overall impression of the city, in Twain's words was that of "dirt and dust and dinginess and gloom" (Innocents 271).
Tonight, he's back with his co-host Christine Bleakley to see us through January dinginess with the last-ever series of Dancing On Ice, so we found out how the festivities went chez Schofield, what's in store for 2014, and more about the 51-year-old's naughty side (although really don't mention his age if you know what's good for you)