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v. dined, din·ing, dines
To have dinner.
To give dinner to; entertain at dinner: wined and dined the visiting senators.

[Middle English dinen, from Old French diner, disner, from Vulgar Latin *disiūnāre, from *disiēiūnāre : Latin dis-, dis- + Latin iēiūnium, fast.]


1. (used with a pl. verb) The Navajo people.
2. The Navajo language.

[Navajo, the people.]


Rare. the art or science of dining. — aristologist, n.
an abnormal fear of dining and dinner conversation.
the art of dinner conversation. — deipnosophist, n.
household linen collectively, especially tablecloths and napkins.
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Noun1.dining - the act of eating dinnerdining - the act of eating dinner    
eating, feeding - the act of consuming food
Dutch treat - a dinner where each person pays for his own


[ˈdaɪnɪŋ] CPD dining car Ncoche m comedor, vagón m restaurante
dining hall Ncomedor m, refectorio m
dining room Ncomedor m
dining table Nmesa f de comedor


dining car
nSpeisewagen m
dining chair
nEsszimmerstuhl m
dining hall
nSpeisesaal m
dining room
nEsszimmer nt; (in hotel) → Speiseraum m
dining table
nEsstisch m
References in classic literature ?
So Meg reclined, with rubbers well hidden, and Jo went blundering away to the dining room, which she found after going into a china closet, and opening the door of a room where old Mr.
The young man looked at the hideous, leering face staring about the hotel dining room and was consumed with curiosity.
Coming downstairs to meet my colleague in the hall, I remembered a pair of gloves that had required three stitches and that had received them-- with a publicity perhaps not edifying--while I sat with the children at their tea, served on Sundays, by exception, in that cold, clean temple of mahogany and brass, the "grown-up" dining room.
There was more agony and another paper for Elzbieta to sign, and then one night when Jurgis came home, he was told the breathless tidings that the furniture had arrived and was safely stowed in the house: a parlor set of four pieces, a bedroom set of three pieces, a dining room table and four chairs, a toilet set with beautiful pink roses painted all over it, an assortment of crockery, also with pink roses--and so on.
Late in the afternoon of a chilly day in February, two gentlemen were sitting alone over their wine, in a well-furnished dining parlor, in the town of P , in Kentucky.
But there is, I believe, in many men, especially single men, such an inclination such a passion for dining outa dinner engagement is so high in the class of their pleasures, their employments, their dignities, almost their duties, that any thing gives way to itand this must be the case with Mr.
When the serious business of dining was dispatched, and we were trifling with our coffee and liqueurs, my eyes, which of course had seldom left her during the whole meal, once more enfolded her little ivory and black silk body with an embrace as real as though they had been straining passionate arms; and as I thus nursed her in my eyes, I smiled involuntarily at a thought which not unnaturally occurred to me.
Coquenard did not carry his genealogical investigations any further; but withdrawing his anxious look from the chest and fixing it upon Porthos, he contented himself with saying, "Monsieur our cousin will do us the favor of dining with us once before his departure for the campaign, will he not, Madame Coquenard?
No provision had been made in the new building for a kitchen and dining room; but we discovered that by digging out a large amount of earth from under the building we could make a partially lighted basement room that could be used for a kitchen and dining room.
said the count coming out from the dining hall into the anteroom, and he added: "If he is better, ask Pierre to dine with us.
Many a time have I deferred dining several minutes that I might have the attendance of this ingrate.
I'm dining with my uncle," Granet replied, quickly.