dining companion

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Noun1.dining companion - someone you dine with
diner - a person eating a meal (especially in a restaurant)
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The lack of gluten-free options meant my dining companion opted to have a burger but didn't eat the bap.
On my last visit here I commented on the size of the portions - not the size of the restaurant - so my dining companion Sian and I gave the starters a miss.
Staff-'Mabait' was the comment of our dining companion.
My dining companion and I chose sofa seating so we could dig into our food as comfortably as possible.
Those taking part in the experience will be emailed a still image of themselves and their new dining companion to keep as an invaluable souvenir.
When I arrived, my dining companion was already there.
Anyway, I ordered roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, none of that foreign muck, thank you very much, because I know which way the wind is blowing, and my dining companion and I began to discuss professional matters of the highest national importance.
The music was so loud that my dining companion and I couldn't hear each other speak and could best be described as noise.
I chose corn-fed chicken (the mash was to die for), while my dining companion went for the slow-cooked meatballs.
When it comes to the main course - sole fillet meuniere style with sauteed wild mushrooms for our dining companion and truffle mushroom risotto for us - the mushrooms are a clear winner.
My dining companion had baked Queenie scallops with garlic butter and melting gruyere cheese which she enjoyed so much she was still talking about it the next day.
Steve Coogan spent most of his time on the original series of The Trip getting irritated by travelling and dining companion Rob Brydon.