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Noun1.dinner napkin - a large napkin used when dinner is serveddinner napkin - a large napkin used when dinner is served
napkin, serviette, table napkin - a small piece of table linen that is used to wipe the mouth and to cover the lap in order to protect clothing
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You were very near doing as he did, putting your dinner napkin in your portfolio, and wiping your mouth with your papers.
Simply fold your dinner napkin into the bangle to hold its shape.
Kerr says: "While linen is lovely, it will make you look like a crumpled dinner napkin on camera.
Required at a warm-up for an upcoming International Practical Shooting Confederation National Championship to draw weak-hand-only from under a dinner napkin, and lacking an ambi safety on my Colt, I had lowered the hammer on a live round.
I do write on dinner napkins, but Linda Arnold is the recipient of those napkins with scribbling on them--and it has been up to her to make those ideas go from dinner napkin to reality.
Lennie had a background in archery retail and with nothing more than a contract written on the back of a dinner napkin, he quit his job and went to work for Game Tracker determined to fulfill Bob's vision.
They were exploring math problems on a dinner napkin.
But I recommend an afternoon with elegant social hostess Maureen - learning to tie a jaunty silk scark or fold a dinner napkin.
Which returns us to the subject of the dinner napkin and its proper use.
Lamps and lighting fixtures were a big hit at the show, many of them whimsical, such as the male/female table lamps made of straw hats from Lampa, or the combination dinner napkin holder/table lamp and other kitchen motifs carried by Jerry Speigel.
There is a strong element of whimsy and a tongue-in-cheek humor in many of the exhibits: a dining chair in the silhouette of Mickey Mouse, complete with ears and Mickey's white shoes; chopstick holders in the shape of tiny animal figurines; a foosball game converted into a dining table; a dinner napkin with a necktie print that diners can tuck into their collars; and Capella's own Jamon de la Crisis-five legs of faux jamon Iberico made of inflated plastic, entirely fat-free but rich in irony.
Marcal dinner napkin, 6410 bella snap pac - white, 2 ply, 15x17 - 1000 ctn, qty 2.