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1. The plates, serving bowls, platters, and other tableware used in serving a meal.
2. A set of dishes.


(Ceramics) US plates, dishes, etc, suitable for serving a meal


(ˈdɪn ərˌwɛər)

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Noun1.dinnerware - the tableware (plates and platters and serving bowls etc.) used in serving a mealdinnerware - the tableware (plates and platters and serving bowls etc.) used in serving a meal
tableware - articles for use at the table (dishes and silverware and glassware)
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Further classification of the Tableware market in the United States is given as follows: Dinnerware (Upstairs Formal Dinnerware, Upstairs Casual Dinnerware, & Housewares Dinnerware), Flatware (Stainless Steel Flatware, Silver Plated Flatware, & Sterling Silverware), Glassware (Beverageware, Serveware, Ovenware, Storageware, & Decorative Accessories), and Crystalware (Giftware, Stemware, & Barware).
The mood at tabletop market was very upbeat," said Scott Bial, president of Lifetime Brand's luxury dinnerware and Wallace Silver divisions.
com)-- A simple yet highly useful new twist on an essential household product, the Johnson Smart Dinnerware Set, has been developed by Evelyn Johnson of Evanston, Illinois.
Jenny Brown, Worcester Park, Surrey ZENA SAYS: How about this funky retro 12-piece rouge dinnerware set at a bargain pounds 16 (www.
Some new dinnerware patterns offer a more contemporary take on this timeless theme, while others harken back to a more traditional, feminine aesthetic.
Her newest collection of dinnerware features provocative pinups lounging on plates, bowls, and cups and saucers ($15-$22).
is the world's largest manufacturer of stainless steel and silverplated flatware for both the Consumer and Foodservice industries, and the largest supplier of dinnerware to the foodservice industry.
Terra[TM] Dinnerware from Carlisle FoodService Products combines the earthy look of hand-thrown pottery with real durability.
RPI) that EarthShell Dinnerware plates and bowls will be selling at two additional retail grocery chains.
On top of that, Gibson will bring to market more than 200 new dinnerware patterns, issue its trend report for 2015 and '16, and launch new programs across its many-layered business.
The first pattern, Field Flowers, is available in two to four assorted colors, with solid-color embossed dinnerware and serveware, and hand-painted dinnerware, serveware and accent pieces.
GOOD EATS: Decorate your dining table with stylish dinnerware from modern melamine housewares brand French Bull.