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 (dī′fāz′) also di·pha·sic (dī-fā′zĭk)
Having two phases.


1. (Zoology) zoology (of parasites) having a free active stage in the life cycle
2. (General Physics) physics another word for diphase


a. difásico-a, que tiene lugar en dos etapas diferentes.
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The diphasic water / oil flows in microchannels will be studied in particular as well as micro-explosion phenomena of emulsion drops by change of phase of water dispersed in oil
a] is determined form the FEM solution at the opposite side (z = L), from which the equivalent velocity in the diphasic medium:
High fever was defined as a body temperature [greater than or equal to] 38[degrees]C, and diphasic fever was defined as a body temperature [greater than or equal to] 38[degrees]C after the initial fever had decreased to [less than or equal to] 37.
Subsequent studies revealed that Salmonella's diphasic agglutination stage was due to promoter sequences inversion containing DNA sequences that control expression of flagellar biosynthesis genes.
Dyskinesia is choreic, ballistic, or dystonic involuntary movements and can be classified into peak-dose, diphasic, and square-wave dyskinesia (Table 3) [87].
Mass production of entomopathogenic fungi Beauveria bassiana (Balsamo) by using agricultural products based on liquid- solid diphasic method for date palm pest control.
Nadiren de olsa, akut nekrotizan ansefalit (ANE) ve AESD (bifazik nobetler ve gec azalmis difuzyonla giden akut ansefalopati; acute encephalopathy with Diphasic seizures and late reduced diffusion) vakasi da bildirilmistir (6).
The two-part novel is a keen representation of the economic, social, and psychological displacement that was experienced by early modern Spanish subjects as a result of what Jose Antonio Maravall termed "the diphasic schema of a social crisis" ("From the Renaissance" 2).
2: T amplitude negative or diphasic with negative phase at least 1 mm but not as deep as 5 mm in lead I or V6, or in lead aVL when R amplitude is [greater than or equal to] 5 mm), early QRS transition zone (Minnesota code 9.