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But he died prematurely of diphtheria, and Rosamond afterwards married an elderly and wealthy physician, who took kindly to her four children.
Freddy's got a friend coming Tuesday, there's Cecil, and you've promised to take in Minnie Beebe because of the diphtheria scare.
Cholera I had, with severe complications; and diphtheria I seemed to have been born with.
There had been a daughter, I heard, but she had died of diphtheria while on a visit to Birmingham.
She come through diphtheria right enough the year before.
LAHORE -- Lives of millions of children in the largest province of the country are at risk owing to the lack of the booster dose of DTaP vaccine against diphtheria, Pakistan Today has learnt.
Dr Freda Newlands watched children with diphtheria arrive limp in the morning but become alert by evening, thanks to lifesaving treatment paid for by UK aid.
The UK Emergency Medical Team (EMT), deployed to the camps of Coxs Bazar in Bangladesh following a deadly outbreak of diphtheria, is heading home after bringing the disease under control.
ISLAMABAD -- Another child was died of diphtheria in Ghulam Banda area of Kohat.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- The World Health Organisation reported that almost 500 cases of diphtheria are suspected in Yemen.
02/January/2018] HODEIDAH, Jan 2 (Saba) - Yemen on Monday declared Red Sea port city of Hodeidah a disaster area after outbreak of deadly diseases of cholera, diphtheria and Saudi aggression war, in a press conference by the health minister in the capital Sanaa.

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