diplomatic mission

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Noun1.diplomatic mission - a mission serving diplomatic ends
delegation, deputation, delegacy, commission, mission - a group of representatives or delegates
foreign mission, legation - a permanent diplomatic mission headed by a minister
attache - a specialist assigned to the staff of a diplomatic mission
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At the period of which I am now writing, the home government had decided on sending a special diplomatic mission to one of the native princes ruling over a remote province of our Indian empire.
One of the older men had been there on a diplomatic mission several years before and spoke with regret of the conditions which seemed destined ever to keep these two countries at war.
he was sent on a diplomatic mission to Venice by the Emperor Andronicus the Elder.
which proved that the person represented by the picture had served in the wars of Greece and Spain, or, what was just the same thing as regarded decorations, had fulfilled some diplomatic mission in the two countries.
diplomatic mission in the country, the National News Agency reported.
19 (SUNA) - The EU Diplomatic Mission in Khartoum issued press release, announcing that an EU delegation representing the Heads of the diplomatic missions of France, Germany, Italy, Holland, Sweden and the United Kingdom will visit Kassala and the Blue Nile states during Oct.
According to a RIA Novosti correspondent on the scene, the diplomatic mission staff are all safe.
Shaikh Fawaz bin Mohammed Al Khalifa was appointed as Head of the Bahraini Diplomatic Mission to the United Kingdom, while Dr.
A group of bombers started firing at the diplomatic mission at 4.
The representation of Albanians in diplomatic mission has recently registered an in-crease but the Albanian officials admit that this is not enough and things are going slowly.
diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, when it was attacked last September.
Sheikh al-Khalifa wished the ambassador success in carrying out his diplomatic mission to contribute in enhancing and supporting the existing bilateral relations as it will be reflected positively on march of the GCC joint action and aspirations of all GCC citizens.