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That he's going home some day to see his mother," I answered diplomatically.
He ought to be glad to get you," said the secretary diplomatically.
Muda Saffir knew perfectly well that Bududreen had but diplomatically expressed a fear as to his own royal trustworthiness, but it did not anger him, since the charge was not a direct one; but what he did not know was of the heavy chest and Bududreen's desire to win the price of the girl and yet be able to save for himself a chance at the far greater fortune which he knew lay beneath that heavy oaken lid.
You talk that fella talk I get cross too much along you," Van Horn bristled back, and then added, diplomatically, dipping into a half- case of tobacco sawed across and proffering a handful of stick tobacco: "Much better you smoke 'm up and talk 'm good fella talk.
If it were otherwise -- if he treated me diplomatically -- that is to say, like a man who wishes, by some means or other, to obtain a footing in the house, so that he may ultimately gain the power of dictating to its occupants -- he would, if it had been but once, have honored me with the smile which you extol so loudly; but no, he saw that I was unhappy, he understood that I could be of no use to him, and therefore paid no attention to me whatever.
I witnessed it all pa tiently, because the moment I came into the cuddy he had called upon me to stand by him--and this, it seems, I had diplomatically promised.
And after all, Sir Robert, why should you sacrifice your entire future rather than deal diplomatically with your enemy?
Summary: Washington DC [United States], Mar 10 (ANI): United States President Donald Trump on Saturday said his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping has appreciated his decision of solving problems with North Korea diplomatically.
Dastgir reiterated Pakistan's undying commitment to support the cause of Kashmiri freedom, morally and diplomatically.
The writer diplomatically but firmly highlighted the point that while exercising strategic patience, we should be aggressive at the UN and international forums in exposing India's subversive activities to destabilise Pakistan.
In the meeting, the Minister will share with her counterparts from the other participating countries the outcome of the inter-Korean high-level talks and other recent developments, and seek with them ways to diplomatically resolve the North Korean nuclear issue.
TAP) - France's foreign minister said on Friday that North Korea would have capability to send long-range ballistic missiles in a few months and urged China to be more active diplomatically to resolve the crisis.

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