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n. pl. dip·sos Slang
A person who has a compulsion to drink alcohol; a dipsomaniac.


n, pl -sos
slang short for dipsomaniac1


(ˈdɪp soʊ)

n., pl. -sos. Slang.
a dipsomaniac; habitual drunk.
[1875–80; by shortening; compare -o]
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I'm not a dipso but sometimes I'm looking at my joke book the next day and I won't be able to read it because it's like this drunken scrawl.
My grown-up sons learned to eat spicy food there and then, alas, in recent years to drink lager with a similar enthusiasm to that of their dipso dad, who generally, incidentally, foots the bill for their pints.
The bemused pair of ageing soap duds could hardly believe they were being seriously out-performed by a foul-mouthed dipso whose only talent is incontinence (both physical and emotional).
Not that it mattered to Chris Eccleston's corrupt, dipso city councillor who, after managing to drink more than a cross-channel swimmer with lockjaw, had developed a case of the vodka sweats so severe that, even when indoors, he looked as though he'd been dipped in vaseline.
Kerry Katona Lush as a noun is American for dipso - as an adjective British (esp.
Downsides are a dipso thirst; 15mpg recorded on a shortish blast around the countryside, and that driver's seat on the wrong side of the car.
9 Track of the Cat (William Wellman) The highlight of this year's Cinema Ritrovato in Bologna, Wellman's legendary 1954 family psychodrama relies on formal paradox--shot in wide-screen and color, it is claustral and mostly black and white--to make stranger its O'Neill-like tale of a mountain clan ruled by a dipso daddy and Bible-thumping mom.
Coming on like some sort of dipso R2D2 it's the ideal solution to the age old problem of wanting a beer, but not wanting to get up.
Maureen Beattie as the sinister Mrs Danvers and Guy Williams as Rebecca's caddish dipso cousin and lover have more success in putting flesh on these old bones, but the overall effect is peculiarly uninvolving.
as a garrulous old music hall comedy turn, her younger daughter a dipso and her Greek son-in-law a snorting fascist, the rest of the royals a bunch of brainless buffoons with a bewildered Queen wondering what the hell was going on around her?
Rooms - which has been compared to hit show Rent - is about Ian, a rock dipso, and Monica, an ambitious young singersongwriter who dreams of hitting the big time.
underground with a host of kindly doctors, including a dipso who hides