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n. pl. dip·sos Slang
A person who has a compulsion to drink alcohol; a dipsomaniac.


n, pl -sos
slang short for dipsomaniac1


(ˈdɪp soʊ)

n., pl. -sos. Slang.
a dipsomaniac; habitual drunk.
[1875–80; by shortening; compare -o]
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Dipsos were thrown in the cells, their pictures were published in "rogues' galleries" in local newspapers and skint offenders were chucked in the workhouse until they sobered up and repaid their debt to society.
line-up includes lowly Knights, Murder Balladeers, The 1930s, Captain Kennedy, Sullivan & Gold, Wookalily, Rachel Austin, Porch Song Anthology, Acoustic Dan & The Black Mountain Dipsos, The Heads of State and, phew, The Sons of Caliber.
Not that such scare tactics will work on die-hard dipsos.