direct contrast

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: contrast - the opposition or dissimilarity of things that are compareddirect contrast - the opposition or dissimilarity of things that are compared; "in contrast to", "by contrast"
oppositeness, opposition - the relation between opposed entities
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The King's party, however, had no suspicion that an attack was imminent, and, in direct contrast to the methods of the baronial troops, had spent the preceding night in drunken revelry, so that they were quite taken by surprise.
This is in direct contrast with recent statements made by UFC president Dana White, who said he is currently in talks with Mayweather.
The Cuba Travel Warning includes the entire country and is in direct contrast to other travel warnings and alerts, which normally address a specific region or city section.
The personnel of paramilitary force are functioning in Karachi and police in Interior Sindh, he asserted in direct contrast with the previous DG Rangers decision to expand the targeted operation to Interior Sindh areas.
The forecast is in direct contrast to the weather yesterday which was mainly bright and sunny across Wales.
Only a few blocks away were drinking establishments that gave cocktails a polished, refined taste, in direct contrast to their neighbors.
The senior Akali Dal leader said in direct contrast the Opposition had not only shown opportunism but also callousness.
She added this was in direct contrast to what the bosses had told the committee late last year.
ON the back of falling European markets and in direct contrast to the previous day's gains, the FTSE 100 index weakened yesterday following a fresh drop in crude oil prices and persisting fears over Greece, ending the trading session, down 86.
But his side have struggled in the early stages of qualifying, their performances in direct contrast to that of Wales.
Throughout Luke is cool, chewing on his trademark tobacco weed, in direct contrast to the diminutive Joe Dalton who displays his emotions by either going tomato red with anger or milk white with shock.
The wide-body nametag in the UK came from the pumped up styling cues which were in direct contrast to the cars sold in Japan where, in order to meet vehicle dimensions, the wide body bling bits were outlawed.