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Jordan reversed the payment, which was for council tax, in the nick of time by making use of a direct debit indemnity.
But those signed up to 2017-18's direct debit scheme may want to think twice about not paying next month's instalment.
The direct debit module, provides the facility for the beneficiaries to debit the accounts of multiple payers and seek single credit such as bill payments and periodic repayments.
But recently, an experience I've had with a direct debit has taught me some valuable lessons I want to pass on to you.
Any regular payment on a credit card is a CPA, as is any from the bank that's neither a direct debit or standing order.
To be in with a chance of winning, residents must register to pay their council tax bill by Direct Debit by September 30.
When he logged on to try and claim back the money, and get his direct debit amount put back down, he couldn't access that section of the website.
If you've seen your direct debit soar or are in a lot of credit, you'll need to contact British Gas directly.
To start spreading your payments, and enjoy all the advantages of Direct Debit, simply complete a form, which is available from Head Office upon request, and return as instructed.
Everyone who is signed up to pay by direct debit before the end of August will be automatically entered into the prize draw.
In addition to the fee discount, the majority of the SmartDebit direct debit service is classified by HMRC as exempt supply for eligible charitable customers.

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