direct mail

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direct mail

Advertising or marketing announcements sent by mail without being requested to residences and workplaces.

di·rect′-mail′ adj.
direct mailer n.

direct′ mail′

mail, usu. consisting of advertising matter, appeals for donations, or the like, sent to large numbers of people.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: mail - advertising sent directly to prospective customers via the maildirect mail - advertising sent directly to prospective customers via the mail
ad, advert, advertisement, advertising, advertizement, advertizing - a public promotion of some product or service
message publiposté

direct mail

nmailing m
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So what's new and what's working in direct mail these days?
With this new website, which was created with a responsive design for easy access across mobile and desktop devices, CCI provides a streamlined platform designed to assist its' customers and partners in making the well-informed decisions needed to meet their direct mail goals.
Direct mail offers from large credit card issuers has traditionally provided the most direct competition for credit union card issuers, but large issuers had largely moved away from the marketing approach as the credit industry declined.
2d 475 (1988), that a state may not totally prohibit targeted direct mail to prospective clients known to face specific legal problems; the state's interest in preventing overreaching or coercion by an attorney using direct mail can be served by restrictions short of a total ban.
Hispanics are also more likely to read direct mail: 72% of those adults that speak English at home read direct mail advertising compared to 69% who speak only Spanish at home and 58% who speak Spanish all the time.
You market continually throughout the year and you can get a steady stream of revenues but until someone can rent you a million qualified e-mail addresses, you don't get the bursts direct mail campaigns can provide.
Direct mail has given insurgent candidates a way to evade gatekeepers in both the mainstream media and the regular party organizations.
Replies have been tremendous, with 52 percent of customers responding to the direct mail piece," Springsteen reports.
The results of a recent DMIS survey show that there is a major transition in direct mail focus from upper income to lower income households.
Direct mail sales can be predicted with relative accuracy.
Direct mail is known as the "darling of marketing" because of its numerous communication and cost advantages.
About 55% of firms don't even include their most promising prospects on their direct mail database (see exhibit, page 85).

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