director's chair

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director's chair

di·rec·tor's chair

(dĭ-rĕk′tərz, dī-)
A light folding armchair having a plastic, wooden, or metal frame and a back and seat usually made of canvas.

[From its use by motion picture directors on the set.]

director's chair

(Furniture) a light wooden folding chair with arm rests and a canvas seat and back

direc′tor's chair`

a lightweight folding armchair with transversely crossed legs and a canvas seat and back panel traditionally used by motion-picture directors.
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Actor John Prats took another shot at the director's chair for an episode of the evening comedy talk show 'Gandang Gabi, Vice
Actor Chris Evans became much more discerning when he hopped into the director's chair for the first time when filming the romantic comedy.
Sutter was rushed in the hospital due to an excruciating abdominal pain while directing the series finale but assured fans through his Twitter that he will be back in director's chair on Wednesday.
In addition, the entire New Hampshire Medicaid Expansion Study Committee was awarded the association's Board of Director's Chair Award for its work on the issue.
Dan Reed, 23, from Whitley Bay, will be sitting in the director's chair for the first time.
Summary: He had the luxury of a director's chair for the first time, but Michael Keaton says he was too busy to sit in it for The Merry Gentleman.
In his honor, a fund was established to endow an executive director's chair at Tower Hill Botanic Garden.
Getting On Wednesday, BBC4, 10pm Scots star Peter Capaldi, above, may be back on the A-list as an actor thanks to his turn as Malcolm Tucker in The Thick of It but he's also an Oscar-winning director - he won in 1995 for his short Franz Kafka's It's A Wonderful Life - and he is in the director's chair for this pitch black comedy written by and starring Jo Brand, Joanna Scanlan and Vicki Pepperdine, about life on an NHS geriatric ward.
The recently-appointed Tannadice Director of Football has been gifted a director's chair in the striking tangerine and black colours of the Tayside club.
But to get her character-driven, regional drama made, Adams needed an A-list star, which meant her dream part went to Ashley Judd with Adams settling into the director's chair.
They and 19 other celebrities have been asked to create an item to celebrate Habitat's 40th anniversary, and have come up with their own designs for everything from a director's chair to a shoehorn.

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