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With your title you could get all the directorships in the City that you wanted.
He went on to accept the directorship of the Australian Ballet, and later the directorship of The Royal Ballet.
However, there are many factors to consider before joining an outside board, and the CEO should weigh them and get advice from his or her own board before accepting a directorship.
He was ordered to do 240 hours community service, fined pounds 2,000 and banned from holding a directorship for six years.
PHILADELPHIA -- Irv Becker, National Practice Leader for Executive Compensation at Hay Group, was named to the 2011 NACD Directorship 100, a list published by NACD Directorship magazine recognizing the most influential people that are shaping agendas and corporate governance issues in boardrooms across America.
Although he resigned from the artistic directorship in 1999, Jiri Kylian's 29-year relationship with Nederlands Dans Theater is still committed, going strong, and showing no signs of deteriorating.
The rewards and costs of directorship -- what Sibson Consulting calls "the director value proposition" -- are in flux, driven by the ongoing upheaval in corporate governance.
Of the 315 FTSE 350 companies included in the report, almost a third have at least one executive director holding an external directorship in another FTSE 350 company.
One was the directorship of the Royal Opera at Covent Garden, where he had made his debut a year earlier.
An international directorship poses an added logistical burden for busy top executives; and there are some who argue that a multinational perspective is really a more appropriate requirement for corporate management than for corporate governance.
NEW YORK -- Robin Ferracone - executive chair of Farient Advisors, a leading independent executive compensation and performance consulting firm - was named to the National Association of Corporate Directors' (NACD)2011 Directorship 100, a list of the most influential people in the boardroom and the corporate governance arena.
para]]NACD Directorship 2020 Views Market Forces Through a Boardroom Lens[[/para]]

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