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MERSEYSIDE councils have won a legal battle with the company behind directory enquiries.
PhonepayPlus' director of operations Jo Prowse said: "118 services must tell consumers what the price is when they promote their services and consumers that call directory enquiries should be able to get the number they are looking for without any unreasonable delay.
Following recent enhancements to Batelco s Contact Centre, customers are benefiting from faster response time when calling Batelco Directory Enquiries (DQ) services on 181 and 188.
Qtel yesterday launched Qatar's first-ever SMS Directory Enquiries service, which enables customers to request numbers with a simple short-code.
com)-- Announcing the free campaign, Nicola Byrne Managing Director of Call 11890 Ltd said, "There are so many aspects of life in Ireland we no longer control, the decision to use directory enquiries is one we can and with an average 700,000 calls made to directory enquiry services every week, we are urging the Irish public to use their heads and protect their pockets by choosing 11890.
Batelco's distribution agent Memo Express is in the process of delivering the new directories to everyone listed in Batelco's Directory Enquiries.
CALLS to 118 directory enquiries are much more expensive than consumers think.
Summary: The first mobile phone directory enquiries service has provoked fears for the privacy of those on its database.
People want to have the option to search directory enquiries for free and this new tool allows them to do just that for any country in the world".
Batelco Welcomes Isa Town Girls Secondary School Students to Batelco Knowledge Hub and Directory Enquiries Department
Mr Davies, who lives on the Gower, joins Credit safe Group from Infonxx, owner of the UK's 118118 directory enquiries business, where he held the position of European CFO.

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