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(dɪˈrɛk trɪs, daɪ-)

a woman who is a director.
usage: See -ess.
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Ever busily winding the golden thread which bound her husband, and her father, and herself, and her old directress and companion, in a life of quiet bliss, Lucie sat in the still house in the tranquilly resounding corner, listening to the echoing footsteps of years.
I thought it would have been so pleasant to have looked out upon a garden planted with flowers and trees, so amusing to have watched the demoiselles at their play; to have studied female character in a variety of phases, myself the while sheltered from view by a modest muslin curtain, whereas, owing doubtless to the absurd scruples of some old duenna of a directress, I had now only the option of looking at a bare gravelled court, with an enormous "pas de geant" in the middle, and the monotonous walls and windows of a boys' school-house round.
Katerina Ivanovna, who certainly was upset and very tired, as well as heartily sick of the dinner, at once cut short Amalia Ivanovna, saying "she knew nothing about it and was talking nonsense, that it was the business of the laundry maid, and not of the directress of a high- class boarding-school to look after /die Wasche/, and as for novel- reading, that was simply rudeness, and she begged her to be silent.
I saved all my brownie points just to ask for that favor,' recounts Wurtzbach, sharing she obeyed everything that the directress told her to do up until that point, when she suggested that she wear her 'power color.
Doughlaus, acting Directress of Physical Education Department, Mrs.
TIMERGARA -- The executive directress of Association for Behavior and Knowledge Transformation (ABKT) Mrs Shad Begum on Tuesday urged upon women members of all tiers of local government system to come forward and play active role in planning and decision making process in their respective councils.
I said to the Belgian woman who served as directress before she threw
Second, Laura Crouch was appointed directress for life with the power to appoint her successor, who had to be an evangelical protestant.
Meanwhile it was seen that the school directress show reaction to press members by asking them 'how did you learn?
The students have worked tirelessly while constantly pushing themselves to achieve the best with the guidance of their directress Mrs.
Joy Abaquin, founder and directress of Multiple Intelligence International School
As the keyboard hit the crescendo, there gathered 25 enthusiastic novices eager to learn from their directress another song: " Edelweiss, Edelweiss, every morning you greet me.