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(dɪˈrɛk trɪs, daɪ-)

a woman who is a director.
usage: See -ess.
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Church Directresses were Marlene McLaurin and Rose Dykes.
Majid bin Ali Al-Nuaimi met today with directors and directresses of intermediate schools in the Ministry premises in the presence of a number of Education Ministry officials.
Some even chose to continue on after reaching adulthood, working as internal directresses and teachers.
As authorized Directresses of the Free School of the First Congregational Church, the ladies modified social visiting practices to augment the literacy and domestic training offered by the paid teacher, practices publicly credited as municipal service.
August 10-17: 1st International Conference of Early Childhood Educators, Colombo, Sri Lanka, sponsored by The Association of Montessori Directresses, Sri Lanka.
Anne Ogden of the said City of Montreal one of the Ladies [sic] directresses of the said Society, and residing in the house of the Said institution, did on the Evening of the twenty-seventh instant abscond from the service of the said Mrs.
Retreat directors and directresses are neither pastors nor diocesan administrators.
They would be under the close supervision of twelve directors and directresses, chosen among citizens of irreproachable conduct.