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adj. dir·er, dir·est
1. Warning of or having dreadful or terrible consequences; calamitous: a dire economic forecast; dire threats.
2. Urgent; desperate: in dire need; dire poverty.

[Latin dīrus, fearsome, terrible; akin to Greek deinos.]

dire′ly adv.
dire′ness n.
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This time there was no mistaking the matter; all the household knew that some great catastrophe was going to happen which was likely direly to affect Master George.
Pakistan direly needs to enter into partnerships with international technology leaders and knowledge experts for providing opportunities to young scholars to generate fresh innovative startups, he added.
They also demanded to increase number of seats from 50 to 100 to accommodate maximum students of the area which direly needed the government attention for its development.
Speaking at a seminar on anti-drug awareness at the National University of Modern Languages and the Ministry of Narcotics Control, he said Pakistan is direly affected by the smuggling of drugs from Afghanistan.
He added that the poor farmers of the province are forced to work under the feudals, adding that the government has invested all its resources on counter-terrorism initiatives but the poor segment of the society direly wants employment to feed their families.
Yes, there are the naysayers, labeling the act everything from a giveaway to corporations and the wealthiest among us to a "massive attack on the middle class" to "apocalyptic," as Nancy Pelosi direly suggested.
Speaking on the occasion, Chaudhry Sarwar said, "The need of unity in the Muslim world at this time is direly needed than in the past.
Getting rare and precious animals and birds' breeds killed purely to extend courtesy of good relations to a few foreign dignitaries is detrimental to the natural habitat and the biodiversity which direly needs to be preserved.
He said that the business-friendly budget will keep the industrial wheel moving ahead towards the goal of the national economical stability, besides, giving the direly needed boost to the industrial sector.
He noted that new investment is direly required at the firm's engine and transmission facility in St.
PRESIDENT Duterte yesterday provided the inspiration the Rio de Janeiro-bound national athletes direly need in their mission to finally bring home a medal from the Olympics.
He said that NAVTTC would soon design the direly needed special training courses for the local unskilled workers by keeping the needs of industries in view by taking these industries into confidence.