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Moreover, the utter direness of the new Bari's isolation and disconnectedness from the living earth and sea hits a new low in this author's vision of an urban inferno.
The 70 second spot combines stirring music, emotionally powerful still photos from the affected region, and messages conveyed through typed graphics to illustrate the urgency and direness of the situation for children.
The challenge is finding ways to communicate environmental concerns that adequately convey the direness of the problems, while not resorting to "crisis" messages.
In stark contrast, in the same dire scenario, with only a small minority being true believers, not only would the best-intended sovereign state be less effective than the market, but the likelihood of the state's failure would rise with the direness of the scenario.
Indeed, it's only the sheer direness of some of the clubs below Newcastle that will stop them becoming embroiled in a long battle against the drop.
The question that remains, however, is whether those churches that descended most directly--in both genealogy and geography--from their Swiss/German and Dutch roots, can recognize the direness of their situation and accept as authentic the Anabaptist expressions of their Southern brothers and sisters.
Or again in "Ignatz Recidivist," whose seven short lines rehearse the direness of Krazy's situation: