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Yes," says Captain Hodgson, answering my thought, "Castelli thought he'd discovered the secret of controlling aeroplanes when he'd only found out how to steer dirigible balloons.
My dear fellow, the science of the aerostation of dirigible balloons is not yet developed enough for me to consider it and suppose that a murderer would drop from the clouds
There's a local tech company, Urban Airship, and their logo is a dirigible.
Within 11 weeks after Pleyworld's launch, Hippie Dirigible is the first design to reach 5,000 votes and become available for rental on Pley.
Next to his photo was a picture of a sleek dirigible and next to it an image of a man wearing a cap and looking like a character out of the Beatles' movie "Yellow Submarine.
The prints reproduced here, with many foldouts that show the photographs in their entirety, include such historic moments as the building of the Panama Canal, the crash of the dirigible Shenandoah, the 1908 Wellesley graduating class and a very early race at the Indianapolis speedway.
Lieutenant Charlie Holt, dashing British dirigible pilot, becomes romantically linked to the widow of a close friend.
That Independent dirigible of history and super heated air known as Built to Grind is scheduled to descend with great vegeanee upon San Diego for a 20th Anniversary party and various book presentations.
It looks like a big dirigible, it's full of gas or something and it's hard to get off the ground, it's impossible to get back on the ground, and once you get it up it will stay there for months but there's nothing very attractive, you're not going to have an air show and attract a big crowd by having the near space air show at your local airbase.
But the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services said that the $600,000 dirigible, whose launch coincided with open season for health plan elections, provided big advertising bang for the buck.
The money saved by the airlines when they cut back on the cost involved in heating clean, very cold outside air for circulation within the airplane, preferring to recycle, can now be used to start up stagecoach lines and non-flammable dirigible flights.
The event in Atlanta, in 1998, was held in a space the size of a dirigible hanger, but marked the last year for such conspicuous displays, as shakeout hit the craft brewing sector.