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In the traditional teaching or classical (seventeenth-nineteenth century approximately) it was operated with a conception in which the instruction revolved around the teaching activity as transmission of knowledge, skills, abilities, and the interventionism and dirigisme of the teacher was a priority.
It is well and good to hold up the decade of the 1960s, with its dirigisme and protectionism, as a model.
For France, the high-growth expansion state also captures two notable economic periods: the movement away from dirigisme in the late 1980s and the beginning of euro integration in the late 1990s.
One may cite social conservatism, economic dirigisme and volontarisme as parts of the Gaullist ideology.
John Augustine Ryan, chose not to emphasize Pope Leo's clear proscription of socialism in favor of advocating for Rooseveltian dirigisme, others, such as Fr.
In Europe, France has (unnamed) auto companies that exist as independents only due to the political dirigisme of the Elysee Palace, Spanish and Italian car sales are still 50 per cent below peak, not that it makes any difference to the wannabe Schumacher's on the Autostrada.
Faithful to the principles of economic dirigisme and eager to counterbalance the German proclivity towards a strong monetary policy, France advanced the idea of an economic government without unambiguously expliciting its ideas.
Similarly, old-fashioned dirigisme -- such as attempts to "pick winners," foster national "champions," or keep failed business models alive through state subsidies -- is both harmful and doomed to fail.
After the war, and even though most wartime controls were finally abolished, it was now generally believed that dirigisme was good.
Yet the uber-Euro has the potential to spawn a political crisis between Paris and Berlin, particularly if French dirigisme assault against the Euro, the Bundesbank and ECB could well slash their growth projections.
Nous ne sommes pas loin du dirigisme totalitaire dans toute sa splendeur
Neutrality is more relevant to a developed country than to India, which needs more of fiscal dirigisme than passive netutralism.