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a.1.Directed by a central authority; as, a dirigiste economy; with respect to economics, opposed to free-market. See also dirigisme.
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Ce traitement base sur la retenue permet au drame de se deployer sans forcer le trait et, en meme temps, au spectateur de se colleter avec lui en toute independance et sans ingerence dirigiste, en partant du principe que ce spectateur n'a besoin de personne pour lui indiquer ou il doit diriger son regard (a l'aide, par exemple, d'un mouvement de camera directif), ni quel affect ressentir a tel ou tel moment (a l'aide de gros ou tres gros plans censes influencer sa lecture), ce qui est la meilleure maniere de respecter son intelligence et sa liberte.
In addition to their differences in size and markets, different national industries are subject to different kinds and levels of regulation: nations whose chemical industries are dominated by state-owned enterprises (SOEs) are often accused of failing to regulate these national champions, and different traditions of regulation--for example, the educate/cooperate tradition in England versus the dirigiste tradition in France--also need to be taken into account.
From these complexities emerge diverse regimes of accumulation--often undesigned--and often categorized respectively as liberal market capitalism, dirigiste governed capitalism, coordinated capitalism or corporatism (the negotiated economy).
With the frustration of failed dirigiste (80) policies of the early decades of Independence and the overwhelming poverty, and the blot of Emergency behind, policymakers moved India away from socialism and state-led economic policy gave way to capitalistic policies throughout the 1980s.
Despite this repetition over the past forty years, any success that people in the United States have enjoyed regarding energy availability and productivity has been a consequence of individual ingenuity and creativity more than of dirigiste federal policies, and organic technological change has outstripped the capacity for political institutions to adapt to the changing conditions of a robust, dynamic global economy.
Le dirigiste Fabio Capello a si bien redresse l'equipe de Russie, outsider du Mondial bresilien, que l'Italien a prolonge jusqu'en 2018 pour la Coupe du monde a domicile.
His was a lone and often ridiculed voice at a time when dirigiste regimes appeared to be prospering.
Back in the heyday of Algeria's dirigiste economic policies, the industrial sector was 100 per cent state-owned.
To every dirigiste groveler who has wrapped himself in Clio's mantle since 9/11, Taylor's worldview offers a standing reproach: "You should never," he warned, "ask a historian to predict the future--we have enough trouble predicting the past.
To repeat, the lesson from the "miracle" economies is for governments to provide for economic stability, to expand economic freedom, and to open up to the world economy--not to "guide the market" with dirigiste policies.
The political powers that be are either too dirigiste or bureaucratic, or both.
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