dirt bag

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dirt′ bag`

Slang. a filthy or contemptible person.
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One supporter, named Midas Mulligan, said: "If this dirt bag is actually signed, it really p*** me off.
No - according to Keep Britain Tidy, it's the Coke company and the cigarette manufacturers to blame, not this dirt bag.
I'm not into doing the one night thing, it's like, how long do you leave it before you do it, because I always think if you are going to give it to them straight away, then they think that you're a dirt bag, and I'm not a dirt bag even thought I want to jump into bed with them," Contactmusic reported her as saying on UK TV show 'Loose Women'.
In addition to describing a judge as "Judge Clueless," the lawyer included such descriptions of her clients as, "this stupid kid is taking the rap for his drug-dealing dirt bag of an older brother.
Roger extended the dirt bag wall a few feet from the opening in the hill to build the walkin entrance.
Included in this latest update: Plan B, 401(k), plasma TV, off-book, backlist, counterterrorism, Plato's cave, bar band, mash-up, Macarena, Texas Hold 'Em, pitchers' duel, speed dating, Pin code, Planet X, just war, blonde moment, Plantagenet, super-max, dirt bag, dust bunny, kazoo, J-pop, heroin chic, vibe, wazoo, freakazoid, hacktivist, air kiss and pissing contest.
She plots with Amanda (right) to take the old dirt bag to the cleaners.
It commissioned a report entitled I'm just a teenage dirt bag, baby, to examine why teenagers lead the way in dumping rubbish.
These latest Steve plays cement his status as a crossover dirt bag.
It is always the same bunch of liberals who cry every time some dirt bag gets smoked for pointing a gun at a cop.
WHEATUS: Teenage Dirt Bag (Universal) - Still got those tickets to Iron Maiden baby?
If that critical information shows up at all, it will be in the sentencing hearing for the dirt bag who threatened an innocent citizen.