dirt cheap

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Adj.1.dirt cheap - very cheap; "a dirt cheap property"
cheap, inexpensive - relatively low in price or charging low prices; "it would have been cheap at twice the price"; "inexpensive family restaurants"
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It's all ready to put on the boards, and dirt cheap at five thousand.
Five bob,' replied Miss Mowcher, 'and dirt cheap, my chicken.
All those rabbits, owls, puffins and foxes come dirt cheap - no repeat costs at all.
But if you're tired of being fooled into thinking that house prices in Andalucia are dirt cheap, before realising the programme was first screened in 2005, you'll be pleased to see Jasmine Harman and Jonnie Irwin back with more couples who can't decide whether to buy a place in the UK or somewhere warmer, drier and far more exotic.
This tool will likely increase the convenience factor, assurance and reliability for consumers as they bid their way to dirt cheap gift cards and Apple products nearly 90% off retail value.
It seems like just yesterday when local foods were dirt cheap in high season.
Old canning jars, especially those that are chipped or otherwise unsuitable for canning, can be picked up for something between dirt cheap and free at garage sales or on recycling websites.
Any sustained return to dirt cheap oil makes economic nonsense, too, of all the "green" talk about the low carbon economy of the future.
Viewed in comparison with other sporting rights costs, racing is dirt cheap.
Expensive, reasonable or dirt cheap, all that matters is how meaningful and valuable the gift is to the receiver.
Honda's CRF230 also looks the part with a gorgeous little off-road chassis, and it's dirt cheap, too - you can pick one up for around pounds 3,000 brand new if you hunt around.
Consider: over the past 10 years debt has been dirt cheap, which allowed manufacturers and suppliers to buy up rivals or hive off cash into retirement funds and pension pots.