dirt farmer

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dirt farmer

n. Informal
A farmer who does all the work on his or her property.

dirt farming n.

dirt′ farm`er

a farmer who operates a farm without hired hands or tenants.
[1920–25, Amer.]
dirt′ farm`ing, n.
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Her song, “Anna Lee,” was featured on Levon Helm's Grammy-winning record, Dirt Farmer, is included in the documentary film about Helm's life, called “Ain't in it for my Health,” and is featured on Levon Helms' Grammy-winning 2011 CD “Ramble at the Ryman.
A timber baron and a dirt farmer both are working the land.
The cancer stayed away, and last year Helm celebrated his vocal rebirth with Dirt Farmer, which won a Grammy for best traditional folk album.
At the farm of Harvey Shawler, Captain Ruddell Plantz and his so called militia soldiers take what they want from the dirt farmer.
Who could fail to feel sorry for the deserted dirt farmer in You Picked A Fine Time to Leave Me, Lucille, or for the paraplegic war veteran in Ruby Don't Take Your Love to Town?
ALVIN Hall, the son of a poor Florida dirt farmer, is one of the few black Americans to make his fortune on Wall Street.
Mountain Jam will also feature a rare festival appearance by Levon Helm, who will perform material from his Grammy-nominated Dirt Farmer and a selection of The Band's signature songs.
Painted in 1930, this well-known painting portrays a pair of aged dirt farmers, a man and a woman, in the distinctive garb of the rural U.
The disconnect between the powerless dirt farmers and the powerful estates of government, industry and media depicted in "Peepli Live" left me sad and somewhat breathless.
You're working with dirt farmers, you're working with consumers.
Far from enslaving peasants to ever more expensive seeds sold by monopolistic Western corporations, GM crops have liberated generations of dirt farmers from both economic dependence and destructive agricultural practices.