dirt farmer

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dirt farmer

n. Informal
A farmer who does all the work on his or her property.

dirt farming n.

dirt′ farm`er

a farmer who operates a farm without hired hands or tenants.
[1920–25, Amer.]
dirt′ farm`ing, n.
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The disconnect between the powerless dirt farmers and the powerful estates of government, industry and media depicted in "Peepli Live" left me sad and somewhat breathless.
You're working with dirt farmers, you're working with consumers.
Far from enslaving peasants to ever more expensive seeds sold by monopolistic Western corporations, GM crops have liberated generations of dirt farmers from both economic dependence and destructive agricultural practices.
Many tribes are struggling to demarcate their lands to prevent constant invasions from miners, cattlemen, loggers and poor dirt farmers.
poor dirt farmers in the South, skilled workers in New England, and farmers and laborers in the Midwest), late-nineteenth-century radicals came to share a common diagnosis of the role of finance in the American political economy and of the principles, if not all the features, of a reform program to restructure the distribution of power in industrial society.
Her singing "made the dirt farmers cry like babies and the womens shout Honey, hush
A shadow of Shays can be seen only in the Bill of Rights, which spoke to the concerns of the dirt farmers and debtors who had fought the Revolution in the first place but were left out when the blessings of liberty were distributed.
The Depression was this country's high-water mark for poverty, unemployment, and despair, and tens of millions of out-of-work and down-on-their-luck Americans recognized their own plight in Steinbeck's saga about dirt farmers scrapping for a job and a meal.
I came from a very poor area in Holland, and my family grew up scratching a living as dirt farmers.
The government has waffled, at times offering egalitarian land ownership opportunities like the 1862 Homestead Act, at other times favoring shortterm profit or spurious squatter claims, and callously dispossessing minorities, native Americans and poor dirt farmers.
The sons and daughters of the dirt farmers who first elected his father were no longer desperately in need of government help, and the elder Gore's liberalism left him vulnerable.
Are the dirt farmers of Palmdale interfering with the sale of new homes or affecting the price of new homes?