dirty linen

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Noun1.dirty linen - personal matters that could be embarrassing if made public
affairs, personal business, personal matters - matters of personal concern; "get his affairs in order"
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The other, a little fellow, a traveler of meagre appearance, wearing a dusty surtout, dirty linen, and boots more worn by the pavement than the stirrup, had come from Nantes with a cart drawn by a horse so like Furet in color, that D'Artagnan might have gone a hundred miles without finding a better match.
Observe in a family some old charwoman who can make beds, sweep the floors, carry away the dirty linen, who knows where the silver is kept, how the creditors should be pacified, what persons should be let in and who must be kept out of the house, and such a creature, even if she has all the vices, and is dirty, decrepit, and toothless, or puts into the lottery and steals thirty sous a day for her stake, and you will find the masters like her from habit, talk and consult in her hearing upon even critical matters; she comes and goes, suggests resources, gets on the scent of secrets, brings the rouge or the shawl at the right moment, lets herself be scolded and pushed downstairs, and the next morning reappears smiling with an excellent bouillon.
THIS pile of dirty linen outside Huddersfield Royal Infirmary has been branded a "total disgrace'.
Tory MP Jacob Rees- Mogg suggested peers "wish to keep their dirty linen in the closet".
Kenya'S Fourth President - Uhuru Kenyatta - has always blamed the opposition for taking the country's dirty linen to the global stage.
c) logistical security of the distribution of clean and dirty linen (picking up and returning laundry and its distribution to delivery points at the place of delivery) including the means necessary for storing and transporting linen); (d) an electronic ordering system for clean linen, (e) the labeling of laundry, (f) electronic recording and control of the movement of the laundry.
It comes across that the Trust, or someone else, is not wishing to be seen washing their dirty linen in public.
Justice Saqib Nisar responded saying politicians should not wash their dirty linen in court and warned them against making such statements in future.
Janice C Bourne added: "Okay, I realise that they are angry but why wash dirty linen in public?
The official specifically cited the open competition seen from the ongoing electoral campaigns within the republican party and democrats in the united states as washing dirty linen in public to select the best candidate as an example of flourishing democracy.
We need these CRBs to make sure that there's no dirty linen among us.
WHAT a week it's been for big stars washing dirty linen in public.