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Noun1.disability benefit - insurance benefits paid in case of disability
benefit - financial assistance in time of need
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THOUSANDS in the North East are claiming disability benefits - for drinking too much alcohol.
The result was three disability benefit profiles: Already Theres, Aspirers and Laissez-faires.
Summary: Major changes to disability benefits are beginning to be rolled out on Monday.
In an emotional question to the Prime Minister, Mr Lavery called for those losing disability benefits as a result of Government cuts to at least be allowed to undergo an impact assessment to see how the withdrawal of financial support will affect them.
Higher levels of stress at the start of the study were associated with a significantly greater likelihood of subsequently being awarded long term disability benefits.
WHILE thousands are receiving disability benefits for being self-inflicted drug addicts and alcoholics, a man has lost his benefits for walking 200 yards instead of the 50 yards he claimed.
I thought that disability benefits were not taxable.
The court concluded that a claimant seeking payment of total disability benefits must bear the consequences of a criminal conviction, or the results will be illogical.
Disability benefits are payable--following an initial five-month waiting period--for the duration of the disability or until the disabled worker reaches age 65.
Meanwhile, the Department for Work and Pensions is wasting pounds 40 million a year by continuing to pay disability benefits to those who are no longer entitled to them, the report found.
Not available with any other carrier, Guardian's Lump Sum Disability Benefit Rider is specifically designed to provide benefits after the policy expires at age 65 (or 67, depending on the policy configuration).

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