disability benefit

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Noun1.disability benefit - insurance benefits paid in case of disability
benefit - financial assistance in time of need
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The DOL's Final Rule amends the definition of an adverse benefit determination to include a rescission of disability benefit coverage that has a retroactive effect, except to the extent it is attributable to a failure to timely pay required premiums or contributions towards the cost of coverage.
MORE than 16,500 people and a coalition of 80 charities, including Welsh organisations, have signed a letter urging party leaders to put an end to disability benefit cuts.
626, the permanent total disability benefit and the death benefit are the same.
I FELT sorry for the people you mention in the Daily Post on how their Disability Benefit was stopped.
Some 3,030 people in the region claimed for one of several forms of disability benefit and cited alcohol misuse as the main reason, according to latest Government figures.
Mr Duncan Smith said claims in disability benefit have more than doubled in some parts of the country ahead of the changes.
DAVID Cameron has been urged to look again at disability benefit changes after a Northumberland man committed suicide when told he would lose all support.
gov, to estimate the disability benefit you may be eligible to receive.
During the monitoring period, 649 people started receiving disability benefit - 203 for a mental health problem and the remainder for physical ill health.
I'm glad I don't get disability benefit - it's too much like Big Brother is watching you.
How much (from all to none) of a disability benefit is taxable depends, in part, on the amount and type of income the individual receives in addition to the disability payments.
The hospital was ordered to reinstate total disability benefit payments for Workers' Compensation.

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