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Noun1.disability check - a monthly payment made to someone who has become disabled and is unable to work
regular payment - a payment made at regular times
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So he'd stored his bags in a buddy's apartment until his disability check arrived.
Parker, who met with a car crash 11 years ago, said that she would add the sum to her disability check and buy a Christmas present for her son in Utah.
Together, they live on a $1,500-a-month disability check.
The financial future of many living on a pension, fixed income, Social Security or--in Manthe's case--a monthly disability check has never seemed so precarious.
Even if our tellers notice a member depositing an unemployment or disability check, they'll make them aware of HAT and give them a number to call.
paid Taha's medical care expenses and his disability check.
Sometimes the money is to make ends meet until her next Social Security disability check comes in.
2) There is no published data, however, on how many SSI recipients spend a portion of their disability check on illicit drugs and alcohol.
His monthly Social Security disability check is $694, and he is dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid.
Your policy should pay residual benefits, giving you, say, half a disability check if you're working half time.
One California woman told the paper she sends TBN $70 per month from an $820 disability check.
The disabled veteran who can't buy food if he doesn't get his disability check.

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