disability insurance

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disabil′ity insur`ance

insurance providing income to a policyholder who is disabled and cannot work.
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Noun1.disability insurance - social insurance for the disabled
social insurance - government provision for unemployed, injured, or aged people; financed by contributions from employers and employees as well as by government revenue
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Larry Schneider is a disability insurance specialist, with over 45 years of hands on experience, exclusively specializing in disability insurance.
Consists of contributions for temporary disability insurance.
Related: Disability update: Aflac, Millennium Brokerage In other disability insurance market news, Allsup reports that the Social Security Administration approved 33 percent of applicants for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits after the initial filing, and 45 percent after the applicants went through the SSDI appeals process.
There's been a resurgence in disability insurance sales," says Kathy Plummer, director of product and market development with the disability and life insurance company Unum.
In The Effect of Disability Insurance Payments on Beneficiaries' Earnings (NBER Working Paper No.
Secura Consultants was asked to present at several events in the country before and during Disability Insurance Awareness Month (DIAM) to educate financial professionals on the significance of income protection.
Disability insurance programs can also play a significant role in the departure of older workers from the labor force, with many individuals in some countries relying on disability insurance until they are able to enter into full retirement.
Begin by asking your human resources representative whether your company offers disability coverage; if so, ask for your group disability insurance booklet or a copy of the Summary Plan Description.
life and health insurers got about 27 percent of their $645 billion in 2012 premium revenue by selling disability insurance, LTCI products, and other accident and health products.
This article was designed to pinpoint the areas where the West Virginia Medical Insurance Agency's Ameritas disability insurance product is most beneficial to individual physicians and how it can be expanded, if necessary, by the addition of group disability insurance benefits from Sun Life Financial to make our offering a superior disability insurance program.
The Pension and Disability Insurance Fund said that a few thousand priests, taxi drivers, lawyers, farmers and dozens of thousands of firms will be able to settle their piled up debts in pension insurance contributions interest-free provided that the debt is repaid in half a year.
I suggested he buy term life insurance, which would allow him to also afford disability insurance to protect an important thing--his earnings.

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