disability payment

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Noun1.disability payment - a monthly payment made to someone who has become disabled and is unable to work
regular payment - a payment made at regular times
مَعاشُ العَجْز
invalidní důchod
rokkantsági nyugdíj
invalidný dôchodok
sakatlık tazminatı


(disˈeibl) verb
to reduce the ability or strength of; to cripple. He was disabled during the war.
disability (disəˈbiləti) plural disaˈbilities noun
something which disables. He has a disability which prevents him from walking very far.
ˈdisability payment noun
an amount of money regularly paid by the government to disabled people.
disˈabled adjective
lacking ability or strength; crippled. a disabled soldier.
disˈablement noun
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This study focuses on beneficiaries at the 32 to 15 percent transition point, where the average monthly disability payment is $2,147 ($25,761 per year).
Medical retirements converted to a Department of Veterans Affairs Disability payment, upon approval and rating by that department, are not qualified for any type of "concurrent" pay.
By agreeing that Larry was unable to handle his financial affairs, and having his wife appointed fiduciary for him, his disability payment would go up by an extra thousand dollars a month.
Those who receive salaries, pensions or insurance payments are excluded from this insurance, except for those covered by partial disability payment.
According to the firms, the agreement applies to Aetna's health care flexible spending accounts, health savings accounts, health reimbursement arrangements and prepaid stored value cards for dental, vision and disability payment services.
He also announced that seriously injured troops will be given a guaranteed disability payment worth about pounds 130 when next year's welfare reforms come in.
In November 2004, Liberty Mutual doled out a lump sum disability payment of $250,000 to Taylor, who shared the wealth with Brooks.
Sets a limit of two years (104 weeks) of paid temporary disability within two years of the first temporary disability payment, except for specified injuries that typically require extended recuperation, such as severe burns and amputations, which are capped at 240 weeks within five years of the first temporary disability payment.
Kayley Asher had her PS120 weekly disability payment stopped as officials said compensation for injuries suffered at the hands of Allitt meant she was not eligible.
He receives a 100 percent disability payment from the VA, mostly for post-traumatic stress disorder, but also for diabetes, which the VA says may be caused by exposure to Agent Orange.
Reading the senseless rationalization on Concurrent Retirement and Disability Payment (CRDC) and Combat-Related Special Compensation (CRSC), I find myself somewhat confused.
households have at least one member who is receiving a direct entitlement benefit from the federal government, such as a veteran's pension or disability payment.

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