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v. dis·ag·gre·gat·ed, dis·ag·gre·gat·ing, dis·ag·gre·gates
To divide into constituent parts.
To break up or break apart.

dis·ag′gre·ga′tion n.
dis·ag′gre·ga′tive adj.


1. to separate from a group or mass
2. to divide into parts
ˌdisaggreˈgation n
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The 1FINITY platform is a new optical transmission system that disaggregates each function-transport, lambda, switch, and access-into individual 1RU(4) blades.
Three econometric models are used: the Chow and Lin (1971) model that disaggregates the level of GDP; and the Fernandez (1981) and Litterman (1983) models that disaggregate changes in GDP.
Burlington schools use Century Consultants' Star_Base School Suite, a Web-based student information management system, and Star_Insight, a data mining tool which disaggregates information.
However, the audit guide states that even if a preparer disaggregates this information for evaluation purposes, the auditor should not establish more than one opinion unit for the aggregate opinion unit.
Disk arrays become 'dumb' again as the intelligence disaggregates into the appliances, causing further commoditization of disk.
The Department, on the other hand, disaggregates the cluster into its constituent parts.