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v. dis·ag·gre·gat·ed, dis·ag·gre·gat·ing, dis·ag·gre·gates
To divide into constituent parts.
To break up or break apart.

dis·ag′gre·ga′tion n.
dis·ag′gre·ga′tive adj.
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The authors hypothesised that susceptibility to disaggregation is not so much dependent on the action of repulsive forces, which arise from unbalanced electronic charges on the particle surface, but rather on the absence of these forces, at least in situations where mechanical stress factors dominate.
But consider the following argument, which relies on the feminist, reproductive-rearing disaggregation strategy:
However, because of the special "per se" passive treatment of rental activities, certain disaggregation rules apply:
These respondents w,re tsenkled through a tiered set of questions, usiol the top-down disaggregation method, tsatkmore accurately reflects real life decision-makiol (see chart.
Intel and Facebook* are collaborating to define the next generation of rack technologies that enables the disaggregation of compute, network and storage resources.
Today marks the start of the iCount: Equity through Representation symposium, a convening of over 100 representatives from educational institutions and philanthropic and community organizations to bring attention to the need for data disaggregation to better represent and support the unique academic needs of a diverse Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) student population in education.
Because we combine the power of energy analytics, load disaggregation, lifestyle behavior analysis and probabilistic forecasting, we are able to give utilities and their customers much more detailed, relevant and personal insights about their energy usage than they can achieve through alternative approaches, which are typically based on aggregated averages and generalised assumptions," commented Spencer Rigler, ONZO CEO.
Following the disaggregation exemption notified to the FSA under the Disclosure and Transparency Rules on 17 October 2011, AXA SA and its subsidiary notifying Group entities, acting independently from their parent and from each other, no longer have any reportable holdings in London & St Lawrence Investment Company plc on a Group aggregated basis.
In the process, financial statement presentation will become virtually standardized on a global basis, driven by two new financial statement presentation principles: cohesiveness and disaggregation.
According to Singer (Harvard Law School), recurring themes of the text include social context; formal versus informal sources of rights; the tension between promoting alienability through consolidating rights in owners versus allowing the disaggregation of rights; contractual freedom and minimum standards; social welfare; justified expectations; distributive justice; justness and fairness; utilitarianism, social welfare, and efficiency; social relations; and libertarian and progressive approaches to property.
The American Association of School Administrators agrees that among the best results of NCLB has been data disaggregation.
recently announced the shipment of its first commercial dry disaggregation machine to the Iowa ethanol production plant of its joint venture partner Xethanol Corporation.